The 101 number one song of the Day was recorded by the group once known as Bjorn and the Blablus…The song had been a top 5 hit once before in 1969 but British entertainer Jonathan King dramatically re-arranged it and released it in England with minor success in 1972. The head of A & R of EMI in Sweden heard the song and decided to encourage one of his groups – the aforementioned Bjorn and the Blablus to record it for themselves. They did and when it became a hit in their own country they decided to try the American market and it easily surpassed the original version by landing at number one on April 6, 1974. But before that happened they had to do something about that name: Blablus which roughly translated into Blue Denim. They decided to keep the color and add a reference to their homeland and thus became Blue Swede “Hooked on a Feeling”


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