The 101 # 1 Song of the Day was another “B” side that became the hit instead of the song that was intended to be. And it was recorded by the woman who was deposed as “Queen of Disco” by Donna Summer.   Her first real success came in 1975 when she came out with a dance album which included a cover of the Jackson Five song “Never Can Say Goodbye.” She became very popular in the disco scene when that music was first emerging. But then Donna Summer came along and for a few years – the singer who was born Gloria Fowles – fell into a professional slump until 1979 when she came out with the record “Substitute”, a Righteous Brothers cover. But it was the flip side that caught on with the public and would become an anthem of sorts for female emancipation. It was number one on this day in ’79 for the now re-named Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive” spent 3 weeks (non-consecutive) at #1; two weeks in a row and the third after “Tragedy” by The BeeGees snuck in for a week.

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