Mariachi Cobre and more this Saturday at Centennial!

The 101 number one song of the day was intended for an audience of one. The songwriter never wanted the public to hear the song he had composed especially for his brother.who had a speech impediment. He stuttered. So the writer and lead singer deliberately stuttered on the song and planned on sending it to his brother who’d then have the only copy in the world. Obviously, it didn’t work out that way. The band was working on their third album when the head of the label said he didn’t hear the “magic” and asked if they had anything else to offer. The only thing that available was the song you’re about to hear and it was offered up with great reluctance because of the personal nature of it. The executive said it was better than everything else so the writer agreed to include it on the LP only if he could re-record it without the stutter. He tried but he said he sounded like Frank Sinatra. So the original was used and the rest is history as it wound up at number one on November 9, 1974 for Randy Bachman and Bachman Turner Overdrive. “You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”

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