Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day was written and produced by one half of a duo but it was inspired by the other half…with an error he made on a note left for his parents.  It also marked a major shift for the act to a more colorful, smiley and positive persona. Earlier, they were known for moody, more politically themed music but that didn’t get them any attention in the U.S. With the release of today’s featured single, the writer claimed it would go straight onto the chart at #1 in the U.K. Close, it debuted at #4 and only took 7 days to reach the top there. In America, it reached number one and stayed there for three weeks in 1984. Now, back to the note left for the parents. It was from Andrew Ridgley and he wrote “Wake me up up before you go” so he noticed he wrote “up” twice and he wrote “go” twice on purpose…and George Michael thought it would be a great song – and it’s today’s 101 #1 Song of the day for Wham!


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