Picacho Peak Brewing Company on Valentine’s Day – 4 course dinner, glass of wine or craft brew, rose and music from the Vince Alten Band. $40/ticket. Call 680-6394 for reservations. Seating is limited.

The 101 # 1 Song of the Day was recorded by a band that was asked to play Woodstock but said no because, they thought, who needs 3 days in the mud? If they had played in that legendary event, it might not have taken them 13 more years to get a number one song. During the seventies they charted 11 times on Billboard’s Hot 100 but most of those songs peaked no higher than number 30 or so. Perhaps they were destined to be an “80s band” because that’s when their music really started catching on. It was their first single from the Album “Freeze Frame” that got them to the top – where they stayed for 6 weeks! It was number one on February 11, 1982 for the J. Geils Band and the classic hit is “Centerfold”.


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