Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day was recorded by nine siblings – and the song was written specifically to include a buzz word of the day.The group’s new producer, Freddie Perren, produced the Jackson 5 so he knew how to work with family acts. He also knew he wanted the song to be about “boogie” the buzzword of the day – you got yer boogie nights, boogie shoes, boogie oogie oogie, Boogie Wonderland, Jungle Boogie and the list goes on but today’s featured single would turn that buzzword into a contagion that would spread from person to person and the result would be the only top 40 hit for the group that would be one of the most popular acts of the 70’s – from Watts in Los Angeles, CA, the group is The Sylvers and the song is “Boogie Fever”, number one on this day in 1976.

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