The 101 number one song of the day was written, produced and recorded by a former San Francisco Disc Jockey who found himself torn between the positive and the negative and the resulting conflict is taking its toll to the day.  His name is Sylvester Stewart and he was among the many young artists first immortalized at Woodstock. His natural optimism and simple upbeat messages in his music reinforced the youth of all races. But he also was constantly being pressured by certain groups who tried to enlist him as a spokesman for their own negative propaganda. The squeeze took its toll and the one time workaholic became an alcoholic and he spiraled downward into a drug induced pit which led him to show up for concerts hours late, if he showed up at all. Eventually, he became a recluse. But on February 13, 1970 he was riding high – on the charts when his most recent release arrived on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 – Sly and the Family Stone – “Thank You (falettin’ Me Be Mice elf)”


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