The 101 number one song of the day came from a guy who most observers thought his best work was behind him even though he never had a hit. And it didn’t happen until after he recorded his eighth album! He was the son of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin pathologist. While in college he and Boz Scaggs fronted a band that was the rage of frat row. Later, he drifted down to Chicago to play the blues and eventually headed west to San Francisco and became an immediate local favorite in the days of psychedelia. He developed an enthusiastic following but remained a relative unknown. Determined to come up with something that would get airplay he came up with something that was two and a half minute long and would play on top 40 radio. What resulted became the title cut of album number eight and he achieved his goal: it was played on the radio and audiences loved it. It arrived at number one in January, 1974 – It the Steve Miller Band “The Joker”

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