The 101 number one song of the day became the responsible group’s third U.S. number one but it was the first song to reach number one that featured a sitar…. It was inspired musically by the sitar playing of George Harrison and Harihar Rao. The sitar player in the band you’re about to hear had just talked at length with George after he recorded “Norwegian Wood” and although the artist had a history with the instrument, he hadn’t been inspired to really use it until 1966 while the group was recording the song and they say Harihar Rao just happened to walk into the studio with one. It was a good thing, because the group wasn’t happy with the song they’d just recorded and they were about to scrap it all together – then Brian Jones came up with the opening riff and the song gelled and it was number one on June 10th, 1966 for the Rolling Stones “Paint It, Black”

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