Swap or Stop


Proudly Sponsored By: Fun Country RV’s and Marine in Anthony!


At 7:20 each weekday morning, the approximate times for the day’s Swap or Stop Games will be announced.

When the swap or stop sounder is played and the DJ solicits for a contestant, be caller ten at 527-1011 or 1-877-527-1011 to play.

Mondays are Money Money Mondays and cash prizes will be offered at every Level! Fridays are Fly-Away Fridays and with a level 5 win, the contestant will receive two airline tickets anywhere in the Continental U.S.A. Any other day of the week, you will choose 1 of 2 prizes on each of 5 levels. You’ll have exactly 12 seconds to answer each question and only your first audible answer counts. When the timer expires, if an answer has not been given, it will be considered incorrect. The DJ will tell the contestant as soon as the buzzer sounds. The answer must be from the contestant him or herself, the contestant’s first answer counts and there is NO HELP ALLOWED FROM ANY BYSTANDERS OR THE INTERNET! If the DJ hears typing or other voices in the background, the contestant will be disqualified.

If you answer a question correctly, the prize for that level is yours; then you choose to Swap or Stop. That means you have the option to swap it for a more valuable prize on the next level or stop with the prize you’ve won.   You must correctly answer the question on the next level before the timer expires to win the next prize.

If you swap a prize to move on, you sacrifice that prize…meaning if you do not answer the next level’s question correctly or within the allotted time, you do not win the prize you swapped. You don’t go away empty-handed though – we’ll treat you to a consolation prize. 101 Gold reserves the right to substitute another prize of similar value for the consolation prize.

Some prizes may have a cash option which the DJ will offer the contestant after the game. Some prizes may not be substituted for cash. The DJ will tell the contestant whether the cash option exists.

If you win a consolation prize, you are eligible to play again in 7 days.

If you win a prize, you can play again in 30 days.

You must be 18 years of age or older to play Swap or Stop.

You will receive a 1099 tax notification form for any prize(s) over $600.

Good Luck from everyone at 101 Gold and Bravo Mic Communications!