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Listen to Barbra Streisand’s New Duet with Wolverine, Er, Hugh Jackman

PRNewsFoto/Columbia RecordsBarbra Streisand has unveiled the latest in her series of behind-the-scenes videos focusing on the making of her upcoming duets album, Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway, and this one features Hugh Jackman.

The two entertainers teamed up to perform “Any Moment Now,” a song that Barbra’s late friend Marvin Hamlisch co-wrote for the 1986 musical Smile, although the tune wasn’t used in the production.

In the video, Streisand reveals that “Any Moment Now” was the first tune she chose for the project, recalling, “I heard the song and I thought, ‘This is a way for me to use actors who act and sing with Broadway material,’ so the first person I thought of was Hugh Jackman.”

Jackman says he was thrilled when Streisand invited him to take part in the album, and so was his wife, who he points out is “the biggest Barbra Streisand fan.”

In the clip, Hugh explains that he excitedly commented to his wife, “I don’t know how this has happened,” to which she responded, “But you’re doing it!” and he said, “Of course I’m doing it!”

The video’s premiere coincides with the release of “Any Moment Now” as a digital download.

As previously reported, Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway will be released on August 26. The album also features Streisand performances with Anne Hathaway, Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, Antonio Banderas and other stars.

Meanwhile, Streisand will promote the album on a new North American summer tour that gets underway this Tuesday, August 2, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Gary Wright Releases Lost 1972 Album Featuring George Harrison, Foreigner’s Mick Jones

PRNewsFoto/UMe“Dream Weaver” singer Gary Wright has just released a lost album titled Ring of Changes that was shelved after he recorded it back in 1972. Wright made the album with his then-band Wonderwheel, which featured future Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, while Gary’s friend George Harrison contributed slide guitar to one of its tracks, “Goodbye Sunday.”

Ring of Changes initially had been intended to be Wright’s third solo effort, after 1970’s Extraction and 1971’s Footprint, but his label A&M Records decided to cancel the project. Gary eventually revisited the recording and finally decided to release it.

“I hadn’t listened to it in 40 years, but when I put it on, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe this was never released,'” he explains. “It was more of a rock album than what I had done, but I think it stands up alongside anything that you might hear being played on classic rock radio around the world.”

Gary adds, “I’m proud of it and I’m glad it’s finally coming out so everyone can hear what we did all those years ago.”

Wright come to fame as a founding member of Spooky Tooth before going solo. He became friends with Harrison when their mutual friend Klaus Voormann invited Gary to play keyboards on George’s classic solo album, All Things Must Pass. Wright and Harrison went on to collaborate numerous times.

With regard to George’s contribution to “Goodbye Sunday,” Gary recalls, “We were in the studio and I was showing him the song. He just started playing slide guitar and came up with that line, which I think really worked.”

Ring of Changes is available as a digital download and an import CD.

In other news, Wright has three U.S. concerts scheduled in August:

8/19 — Kent, OH, The Kent Stage
8/20 — Edwardsville, IL, The Wildy Theatre
8/21 — Green Bay, WI, The Meyer Theatre

Here’s the Ring of Changes track list:

“Wild Bird”
“Something for Us All”
“Set on You”
“Ring of Changes”
“Goodbye Sunday”
“For a Woman”
“Workin’ on a River”
“I Know” (bonus track)
“What Can We Do” (bonus track)
“Somebody” (bonus track)

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Official Prince Tribute Concert Slated to Happen in October

Warner Bros. RecordsPrince‘s family has announced that an official tribute concert in the late musician’s honor will happen on October 13. The live event will be held in the singer-songwriter’s hometown of Minneapolis at the U.S. Bank Stadium. Performers for the event have not yet been announced and tickets will be available to purchase in August. 

Prince’s brothers and sisters made a statement after the announcement saying that they “are excited for the opportunity to bring everyone together for the official family celebration of Prince’s life, music and legacy” and “are honored by the artists who will pay tribute and grateful to those that have worked so hard to make this celebration possible.”   

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Meryl Street Thought She’d Age Out of Hollywood

Anthony Harvey/Getty ImagesIt’s hard to believe that Meryl Streep, who has received 11 of her 19 Academy Award nominations since she turned 40, ever doubted that she would continue to find roles as she got older.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine following the premier of her latest movie, Florence Foster Jenkins, Streep opened up about the age barriers for women in Hollywood that once seemed more impenetrable than now.

“I remember as I was hovering around 40, I thought each movie would be my last, really,” the highly decorated actress admitted. “And all the evidence of other 40-year-old women at that time — this is 27 years ago — would lead you to believe it was over.”

Streep, now 67, has defied those odds, and, in doing so, has helped to pave the way for many other actresses, though she notes she didn’t purposefully intend to do so. Instead, the work just kept coming.

On a certain level you don’t have any choice — you’re unhappy if you’re not doing it, so you’re compelled in a certain way. And if you’re lucky you can keep working,” she said.

Streep has certainly had that “luck,” but has nonetheless remained incredibly in touch with reality.

“But everybody has troughs and dismal times — every single person,” she added.

Streep also confessed that despite the recent popularity of social media memes featuring the actress, she laughed that she [doesn’t] even know what that [word] means.”

The memes, created by Instagram account Taste of Streep, show the actress posing with, and sometimes in, food.

“People have too much time on their hands,” Streep said of the pictures. “We need to create more jobs!

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The WWII Hero Who Never Fired a Shot: Trailer for “Hacksaw Ridge”

Lionsgate(LOS ANGELES) — The trailer for Oscar winning director Mel Gibson’s WWII biopic Hacksaw Ridge has just debuted online, and promises a unique look at a unique World War II hero: Desmond Doss.

Like millions of American soldiers, Doss performed astounding feats of courage under fire — but Doss, played by Andrew Garfield — was the only G.I. to do so by refusing to even touch a firearm. 

While Doss believed the war was justified, as a devout Seventh Day Adventist, he was steadfastly against killing. Branded a coward by his fellow soldiers, Doss hit the beaches of Okinawa as a totally unarmed medic, and despite being wounded, ended up evacuating at least 75 of his wounded comrades by lowering them singlehandedly from an enemy-laden cliff. 

Doss became the first of only three conscientious objectors in history to ever earn the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Hacksaw Ridge, which also stars Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving and Rachel Griffiths, will debut at the Venice Film Festival, and open in theaters on Nov.  4. 

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Conservatives Snipe “American Sniper” Bradley Cooper over DNC Appearance

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images(PHILADELPHIA) — Political conservatives have raised an outcry online after seeing American Sniper star Bradley Cooper among attendees at the Democratic National Convention in the actor’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Cooper earned critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination for his turn in the 2014 hit film about Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL who was killed at a Texas gun range in 2013, allegedly by a former U.S. Marine he was trying to help.

Kyle — who served four tours in Iraq and was considered the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history — has been held up as an icon of conservative ideals.

Fans of Cooper’s portrayal of Kyle took to Twitter to register their extreme displeasure at seeing the 41-year-old actor at the event on Wednesday night.

“Guess I’ve seen my last Bradley Cooper movie,” said one, echoing similar tweets calling for a boycott of the Oscar-nominated actor’s films.

Others on Twitter pointed out that playing a character in a movie didn’t require the actor to actually share the character’s views. 

“People being upset Bradley cooper who played the American Sniper is not a republican [sic] is like me being upset he is not a real space raccoon,” snarked one.

Incidentally, that tweet was retweeted by the writer/director of the movie to which that was referring, Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn. He added, “Admittedly, every time I see Bradley I’m a little upset he’s not a space raccoon. But I deal.”

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Chelsea Manning May Face Solitary Confinement After Suicide Attempt, ACLU Says

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — Chelsea Manning faces charges and possible solitary confinement following her suicide attempt in prison earlier this month, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Manning, a transgender woman who formerly went by the name Bradley Manning, used to work as an intelligence analyst in Iraq and was convicted in 2013 in military court of six Espionage Act violations and 14 other offenses. She is currently serving out her 35-year sentence at the military prison at Fort Leavenworth.

Earlier this month, Manning attempted suicide and was subsequently hospitalized.

The ACLU said Thursday that Manning now potentially faces “administrative offenses” for the suicide attempt. If convicted, she could face solitary confinement for the remainder of her sentence, according to the ACLU. The ACLU also included a charge sheet that Manning was allegedly given, notifying her that she was under investigation.

“It is deeply troubling that Chelsea is now being subjected to an investigation and possible punishment for her attempt to take her life. The government has long been aware of Chelsea’s distress associated with the denial of medical care related to her gender transition and yet delayed and denied the treatment recognized as necessary,” ACLU Staff Attorney Chase Strangio said in a statement.

“Now, while Chelsea is suffering the darkest depression she has experienced since her arrest, the government is taking actions to punish her for that pain. It is unconscionable and we hope that the investigation is immediately ended and that she is given the health care that she needs to recover.”

The U.S. Army’s military relations department told ABC News that it is “looking into” the ACLU’s allegations.

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FBI Investigating Cybertheft of Clinton Campaign Information

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — The FBI is investigating the cybertheft of proprietary information collected by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but the campaign says no internal computer systems were hacked.

The investigation comes on the heels of two other FBI investigations into hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

As news surfaced of a potential hack into campaign computers, a campaign spokesman issued a statement late Friday saying, “An analytics data program maintained by the DNC, and used by our campaign and a number of other entities, was accessed as part of the DNC hack.”

The campaign’s computer system “has been under review by outside cyber security experts,” and so far “they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised,” the spokesman said.

The Clinton campaign shares some of its proprietary information — such as voter data — with the DNC, and that information was compromised, a campaign official told ABC News.

“Anytime there is hacking like that and release of proprietary information, it is a crime,” CIA Director John Brennan said Friday of the DNC hack. “Who is responsible for what happened there, I think, is to be determined.”

Nevertheless, government sources privately suspect Russian hackers are behind the cyber attacks on Democratic organizations.

Speaking at the annual Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado, Brennan vowed that when the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement community determines who is behind it, “there will be discussions at the highest levels of the government” over how to respond.

“Obviously interference in the U.S. election process is a very, very serious matter, and I think certainly this government [would] treat it with great seriousness,” Brennan added.

Brennan said the nation will now have to look at “what the vulnerabilities are to the [election] system out there,” and while some locations may ultimately decide to go with paper ballots, the country should focus on strengthening the security of the relevant cyber systems.

Meanwhile, the FBI Friday said it “takes seriously any allegations of intrusions, and we will continue to hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace.”

“The FBI is aware of media reporting on cyber intrusions involving multiple political entities, and is working to determine the accuracy, nature and scope of these matters,” the FBI said in a statement. “The cyber threat environment continues to evolve as cyber actors target all sectors and their data.”

Not only did the hack into DNC apparently allow the cyber operatives to steal opposition research on Republican nominee Donald Trump, but many suspect it led to the theft of internal messages that show efforts by DNC officials to undermine Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders during the primary season. Those damaging emails have since been released by WikiLeaks, agitating Sanders supporters ahead of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said yesterday he’s “taken aback a bit by … the hyperventilation over” the hack of the DNC, adding in a sarcastic tone, “I’m shocked somebody did some hacking. That’s never happened before.”

The American people “just need to accept” that cyber threats and computer-based attacks are a major long-term challenge facing the United States, he said. Clapper added that Americans should “not be quite so excitable when we have yet another instance of it.”

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Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Sentenced to Additional 40 Years for Wife’s Murder

Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images(CHICAGO) — Former Illinois cop and convicted killer Drew Peterson was sentenced Friday to an additional 40 years in prison, on top of the 38 year sentence he is currently serving for the murder of his wife.

In May, a jury in Randolph County, Illinois, found Peterson guilty of trying order a hit on a State’s Attorney who helped convict the ex-cop in 2012, ABC’s Chicago station WLS-TV reported.

Back then, Peterson was found guilty of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Savio’s body was found in 2004 in a bathtub, and her death was originally ruled an accident.

Later, when Peterson’s fourth wife went missing in 2007, police reexamined Savio’s death and ruled it a homicide.

The trial — which received widespread national attention — was controversial for its dependence on hearsay evidence, ABC News reported at the time.

This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.

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Dwyane Wade Says the Chicago Bulls are ‘Jimmy Butler’s Team’

Scott Clarke / ESPN Images(CHICAGO) — Despite being one of the most decorated players in the NBA, Dwayne Wade called the Chicago Bulls “Jimmy [Butler’s] team” when he was introduced to the media Friday.

“This is Jimmy’s team,” Wade said of his new teammate. “It won’t be a tug and pull whose team it is.” Wade, 34, who had played for the Miami Heat since 2003, signed a two-year, $47 million deal with the Bulls this month.

“I’ve know him since Marquette,” the 12-time All-Star also said about Butler. “I have tremendous respect for him. This would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Jimmy Butler. That was huge.”

Earlier this month, Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo said the team now had “three alphas” which included himself, Wade, and Butler, but also called the Bulls Butler’s team.

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Cowboys LB Damien Wilson Injures Eye in Paintball Accident

Harry How/Getty Images(OXNARD, Calif.) — Damien Wilson will start training camp with the Dallas Cowboys on the PUP list because of a paintball accident.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones revealed the second-year linebacker’s injury at a press conference Friday, and said according to ESPN that it was “a serious enough issue to keep him off the field for a couple of weeks.”

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said he did not know the details of the accident.

Wilson will not be the only player starting camp with an injury; Darren McFadden is suffering a broken elbow and Lance Dunbar and Benson Mayowa are rehabbing knees.

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Report: Marlins to Acquire Andrew Cashner, Colin Rea from Padres

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The Miami Marlins have reached an agreement to get right-handed pitchers Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea from the San Diego Padres, ESPN reports.

Sources tell ESPN the Marlins will also acquire reliever Tayron Guerrero  in the deal.

In exchange, the Padres will get right-handed pitcher Jarred Cosart, reliever Carter Capps, pitching prospect Luis Castillo and Josh Naylor, Miami’s first-round pick from last year’s draft.

The seven-player deal is contingent on everyone passing a physical exam, according to ESPN.

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Turkish President Erdogan to Drop Lawsuits Against People Charged with Insulting Him

iStock/Thinkstock(ISTANBUL) — Turkey President Recept Tayyip Erdogan is dropping lawsuits for those who were charged with insulting him.

In what he called a gesture of goodwill since the failed military coup, Erdogan said Friday according to BBC, “I am going to withdraw all the cases regarding the disrespectful insults made against me.”

About 2,000 people were facing the charges authorities said earlier this year, according to BBC. Some analysts say nearly 60,000 people have been arrested, suspended or fired from their jobs in Turkey since the failed coup.

Earlier Friday, Erdogan accused U.S. Gen. Joseph Votel of being “on the side of the coup plotters.”

Turkey’s president has insisted that Fetullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic scholar who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, was behind the failed military coup. Gulen has denied involvement.

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Meet Gladstone: The Cat Joining the Ranks of UK Chief Mouser Larry

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images(LONDON) — There may be more drama in U.K. politics among its furry power players.

Gladstone, an 18-month-old Domestic Short Hair cat, is joining the ranks of Chief Mouser Larry, who oversees the Prime Minister’s resident at 10 Downing Street, and Palmerston, who works at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Gladstone, named after William Ewart Gladstone, who served as prime minster for four terms, will be in charge of making the U.K. Treasury mouse-free.

As a newcomer, Gladstone will have to watch his tail. Chief Mouser Larry was recruited to the cabinet almost four year ago and has been successful in catching mice, however, lacks in feline social skills, dealing with cats of different ministries.

Earlier this month, Larry and Palmerston had a tense stand-off after Palmerston trespassed into Larry’s territory.

Let’s hope that Gladstone doesn’t get paws deep into the political crossfire happening between his two colleagues.

Gladstone, Palmerston and Larry have in common that they were all rescued strays from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

“We are delighted to introduce our new cat, Gladstone, to the heart of British politics,” a spokesperson from the Treasury said, according to the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. “Gladstone can look forward to pouring over Budget scorecards, greeting visitors from around the world, but most importantly, setting his sights on the rodent population of the Treasury and assisting our pest controllers in keeping down the number of mice in our Horse Guard Road offices.”

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Missing London Cat Found 8 Years Later in Paris

Courtesy Marna Gilligan(LONDON) — When Marna Gilligan’s cat slipped out of her London home during a New Year’s party eight years ago, she thought she’d never seen her again.

That was until she got a call, saying that her cat, known as Moon Unit, had been found thanks to her microchip. Moon Unit, a domestic short-hair, had traveled all the way to Paris and was rescued by animal shelter Aide et de Défense des Animaux en Détresse.

“I didn’t believe it at all actually,” Gilligan, 39, told ABC News. “It wasn’t until we had exchanged pictures and I saw that distinct marking on her nose that I actually believed it. I was amazed and thrilled and the next week I kept stopping strangers in the street [saying], ‘Can I tell you a story about my cat?'”

Gilligan said she had “no idea” how her cat, whom she rescued as a kitten, got to the City of Love. “All we know is that she didn’t get there legally because her microchip is part of a pet passport [needed to travel between countries,]” she added.

Last weekend, Gilligan and her ex-partner Sean Purdy traveled to Paris to pick up their long-lost cat.

“They handed us Moon Unit, we handed them some flowers and everybody was happy,” Gilligan said.

The pack had to travel by train to get home, where Moon Unit, who was a bit malnourished, is now staying with Purdy.

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