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Woodstock 50th Anniversary Show In the Works?

Clayton Call/Redferns2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the landmark Woodstock Music & Art Fair, which drew nearly half a million people to upstate New York to see acts like The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Grateful Dead and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and became a symbol of the ’60s. Now, original organizer Michael Lang says plans are in the works for an anniversary concert.

Lang tells The Poughkeepsie Journal that discussions are underway with a number of potential partners and that various locations are being looked at, including the possibility of an overseas event.

Lang, who called Woodstock “the original and most famous festival brand,” also says he’d like to see the 50th anniversary event be the start of an annual Woodstock festival.

Woodstock took place August 15-17, 1969 in Bethel, N.Y., about an hour east of Poughkeepsie.

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New Queen Documentary and Footage of Famous 1975 Concert to Be Screened in US Theaters Next Month

Credit: Douglas PuddifootA new one-night-only cinema event focusing on Queen‘s historic 1975 Christmas Eve concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, and marking the 40th anniversary of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” will be screened at hundreds of theaters across the U.S. on March 8. Queen: A Night in Bohemia will feature highlights from the famous show, including the first live recorded performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as well as a new documentary boasting archival footage and rare interviews with the band’s four members.

The concert originally aired live on the British television show The Old Grey Whistle Test, and was released in various video and audio formats and configurations in November under the title A Night at the Odeon. Besides “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen also performed songs like “Killer Queen,” “Keep Yourself Alive” and “Now I’m Here” at the show.

The documentary tells the story of the group’s rise to fame, and features outtakes of the recording sessions for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as well as recently rediscovered clips of Queen’s first promo videos, for the songs “Liar” and “Keep Yourself Alive.”

Tickets for the Queen: A Night in Bohemia screenings go on sale to the general public on Friday, February 12. The event will be shown at 7 p.m. local time on March 8. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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Bonnie Raitt Adds Late-Summer Dates to North American Tour

Credit: Marina ChavezBonnie Raitt has just added a bunch of new dates to her 2016 North American tour. The singer has confirmed that she will now be playing 21 shows across the U.S. in August and September.

The new run of dates kicks off August 12 in Wallingford, Connecticut, and is mapped out through a September 24 show in Berkeley, California. Among the major cities that Raitt will visit are Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. All venues are yet to be announced. Ticket information for the new shows will be revealed on March 3, with pre-sales and general public sales unfolding throughout the month.

Raitt also is planning to add an October-November leg to her North American tour itinerary, and she has listed the cities the trek will stop in on her official website, although no specific dates have been unveiled. Most of the as-yet-unannounced fall concerts will take place in the Southern U.S.

The first leg of Raitt’s North American tour will begin March 10 in Richmond, Virginia, and runs through a May 3-4 stand in Nashville. She also has lined up a trio of shows in Southern California in late July.  The tour is in support of Bonnie’s latest studio album, Dig in Deep, which comes out February 26.

Here are all of Raitt’s confirmed 2016 North American tour dates:

3/10 — Richmond, VA, Carpenter Theatre at Richmond Center Stage
3/12 — Albany, NY, Palace Theatre
3/13 — Rochester, NY, Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater
3/15 — Toronto, ON, Canada, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
3/16 — Detroit, MI, Detroit Opera House
3/18 — St. Louis, MO, Peabody Opera House
3/19 — Louisville, KY, Palace Theatre
3/22 — Chicago, IL, Chicago Theater
3/23 — Pittsburgh, PA, Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts
3/25 — Philadelphia, PA, Verizon Hall – Kimmel Center
3/26 — Washington, DC, The Kennedy Center
3/29 — Boston, MA, Orpheum Theatre
4/1 — New York, NY, Beacon Theatre
4/2 — New York, NY, Beacon Theatre
4/17 — Portland, OR, Keller Auditorium
4/20 — Seattle, WA, Paramount Theatre
4/22 — Reno, NV, Grand Theatre at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
4/23 — Oakland, CA, Fox Theater
4/26 — Dallas, TX, Winspear Opera House
4/27 — Austin, TX, ACL Live at The Moody Theater
4/29 — Houston, TX, Revention Music Center
5/1 — New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
5/3 — Nashville, TN, Ryman Auditorium
5/4 — Nashville, TN, Ryman Auditorium
7/27 — San Diego, CA, San Diego Civic Theatre
7/29 — Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Barbara Bowl
7/30 — Los Angeles, CA, Greek Theatre
8/12 — Wallingford, CT*
8/13 — Newark, NJ*
8/15 — Westbury, NY*
8/17 — Hampton Beach, NH*
8/19 — Portland, ME*
8/20 — Boston, MA*
8/23 — Hyannis, MA*
8/24 — Baltimore, MD*
8/26 — Philadelphia, PA*
8/27 — Vienna, VA*
8/30 — Kettering, OH*
8/31 — Grand Rapids, MI*
9/5 — Minneapolis, MN*
9/6 — Lincoln, NE*
9/8 — Morrison, CO*
9/11 — Salt Lake City, UT*
9/13 — Boise, ID*
9/14 — Spokane, WA*
9/17 — Portland, OR*
9/23 — Paso Robles, CA*
9/24 — Berkeley, CA*

* = newly added show.

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“Deadpool,” “Zoolander 2,” More Open Today

“Deadpool” image; courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation(NEW YORK) — Here’s a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:

* Deadpool — Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, who undergoes an experimental procedure that gives him healing powers and turns him into the snarky Marvel superhero Deadpool. Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller and Gina Carano also star. Rated R. 

* Zoolander 2 — Ben Stiller reprises the role of the titular, dimwitted model. Derek Zoolander, along with Owen Wilson’s Hansel, are pulled into an investigation into the assassinations of celebrities, who make Zoolander’s signature Blue Steel face — a.k.a. the duck face — on social media before their deaths. Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell also star. Rated PG-13.   

* How to Be Single — Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie and Leslie Mann are single women in New York City. Rated R.         

* Where to Invade Next — In Michael Moore’s latest documentary, he visits various countries to learn how the U.S. can solve its problems. Rated R.

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Review: “Zoolander 2” (PG-13)

Wilson Webb/Paramount Pictures(NEW YORK) — I thought 2001’s Zoolander was OK. I’ve met people who can quote lines from it with a passion, like they were quoting from a religious text, or a Shakespearean sonnet. These are the people that will be thrilled with Zoolander 2, and stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell’s ability to say the most ridiculous things while staying in character. It’s what great comic actors do. Here, however, it’s not always funny.

Minor spoiler alert: Justin Bieber shows up and immediately dies. It’s in the trailer, it’s in the commercials, it’s been discussed publicly. I really wish it hadn’t been. It’s a terrific joke, one that helps drive the movie, and they gave it away for free. Bad form.

When Bieber dies, Valentina Valencia (Penelope Cruz), an agent for Interpol’s Global Fashion Division, takes it upon herself to figure out who’s killing the world’s beautiful pop stars. In the meantime, our hero, Stiller’s male model Derek Zoolander, has been in self-imposed exile in “deep Northern New Jersey.”  He’s been there since child services took away his son after a video of Derek being a terrible father went viral.  Derek was tasked with raising little Derek after accidentally (sort of) killing his wife, Matilda. Her death is part of a solid joke I don’t want to give away here.

Hansel (Owen Wilson) is also in exile, but he’s in a relationship with quite a few people. This is another of the movie’s more effective jokes I choose not to spoil.  Ultimately, they’ll join forces with Valencia, and Derek, once again, will have to find a way to become self-actualized, forgive himself, and be who he was always meant to be.  I guess. Does it really matter?

Will Ferrell returns as the villain Mugatu and neither hurts or adds to the movie. In fact, by the time he shows up, most of the best jokes have been executed. But he’s Will Ferrell and, inevitably, his level of commitment practically forces you to laugh — especially when he’s in a scene with Kristen Wiig, who plays Alexanya Atoz, one of the world’s greatest fashion designers, a character clearly inspired by Donatella Versace.

Many of the cameos are terrific, while some of them elicit almost no reaction. Kiefer Sutherland’s turn here was, by far, my favorite.

The strength of Zoolander 2 is when a joke hits, it hits hard. The weakness is when a joke misses, it bombs badly.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of misses, but enough hits to make it worth your time.

Three out of five stars.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Actress Says Cast Was “Starstruck” by Denzel Washington as Director

ABC/Bob D’Amico(NEW YORK) — Grey’s Anatomy resumes its 12th season Thursday night on ABC, and the latest episode was directed by an Oscar winner.

Denzel Washington was behind the cameras for the episode, and according to cast member Sarah Drew, she and her colleagues were “pretty starstruck.”

Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner, tells ABC Radio, “He’s a powerhouse, and it was really exciting to get the chance and opportunity to work with him.”

Despite his credentials, Washington wasn’t an intimidating figure to work with, says Drew’s co-star Jason George.

George, a.k.a. Dr. Ben Warren, notes, “[H]e shows up and he’s just a funny, great guy and a really great director. And it was reassuring to be like, okay, he puts you at ease, and that was great.”

You can watch Grey’s Anatomy at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Sue Klebold, Mother of Columbine Killer Dylan Klebold: ‘It’s Very Hard to Live With the Fact That Someone You Loved and Raised Has Brutally Killed People’

ABC News(NEW YORK) —  Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine killer Dylan Klebold, told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that when the Columbine tragedy happened, she couldn’t stop thinking about the victims and their families.

“I just remember sitting there and reading about them, all these kids and the teacher,” Klebold said in an exclusive interview that will air in a special edition of “20/20” Friday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

“And I keep thinking– constantly thought how I would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine,” she continued. “I would feel exactly the way they did. I know I would. I know I would.”

On April 20, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris opened fire at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and one teacher, and wounding 24 more people before taking their own lives. The tragedy not only shocked the community in Littleton, Colorado, but stunned the nation and forever changed how school administrations and law enforcement handle school shootings.

“There is never a day that goes by where I don’t think of the people that Dylan harmed,” she said.
“You used the word ‘harmed,’” Sawyer observed.

“I think it’s easier for me to say harmed than killed, and it’s still hard for me after all this time,” Klebold added. “It is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way.”

Before Columbine happened, Klebold said she was one of those parents who believed she would have known if something were wrong with her son — but that all changed after the tragedy.

“I think we like to believe that our love and our understanding is protective, and that ‘if anything were wrong with my kids, I would know,’ but I didn’t know,” she said. “And– it’s very hard to live with that.”
“I felt that I was a good mom… That he would, he could talk to me about anything,” Klebold continued. “Part of the shock of this was that learning that what I believed and how I lived and how I parented was– an invention in my own mind. That it, it was a completely different world that he was living in.”

This was Sue Klebold’s first television interview since the Columbine shooting. The interview coincides with the release of Klebold’s new memoir, “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy,” out on Feb. 15. Her book profits will go towards research and charitable foundations focusing on mental health issues.

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Suspected Teen Hacker Who Targeted Top US Officials Arrested Overseas

Ruskpp/iStock/ThinkStock(NEW YORK) —  British authorities, with help from the FBI, have arrested a teenager they believe is behind a series of cyberattacks targeting some of the highest officials in U.S. government, a source with knowledge of the matter told ABC News.

Authorities are trying to determine whether others may also have been involved, the source said. The 16-year-old has not been named.

For the past several months, a group calling itself “Crackas With Attitude” has been disclosing private information associated with such high-ranking officials as CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Information about rank-and-file employees working for the FBI, Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security were posted online this week, though sources described the pilfered information as amounting to an internal phone directory.

Authorities suspect so-called “social engineering” may have helped those responsible gain access to the federal systems, according to one U.S. official.

Social engineering essentially involves a hacker gaining access to a system by sending an email to someone and pretending to be a known or trusted associate of the recipient.

“There is no indication at this time that there is any breach of sensitive or personally identifiable information,” DHS said in a statement earlier this week.

But officials expressed concern that more sensitive information was accessed and could be released.

In October, a personal AOL email account associated with CIA Director Brennan, and containing personally identifiable information, was hacked, as was an account linked to DHS Secretary Johnson.
Sources said it did not appear Brennan used the account for government business after he became CIA director. Johnson’s targeted account also was not used regularly, sources said at the time.

U.S. authorities began to identify what they thought was a group of suspects at least two months ago, ultimately narrowing in on the 16-year-old in England, sources said.

The arrest of a suspect was first reported by CNN.

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Five Indicted in Deadly NYC Building Fire Caused by Alleged Illegal Gas Line

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Five people have been indicted Thursday in connection with a fatal March 2015 building explosion in Manhattan’s East Village that left two people dead and more than 20 injured.

Maria Hrynenko, 56, the building’s owner; her son Michael Hyrnenko, 30; Athanasios Ioannidis, 59; and Dilber Kukic, 40, were charged with involuntary manslaughter in addition to other charges. Andrew Trombettas, 57, faces lesser charges. All of the defendants pleaded not guilty Thursday.

Investigators say the explosion was caused by an illegally tapped gas line.

“When you are responsible for the construction, renovation and the powering of buildings, you are responsible for handling dangerous instruments and when you tinker around with a gas system, the electrical hookups, as happened here, you have, in effect, weaponized the building,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. during a news conference Thursday.

Around 3:17 p.m. local time, March 26, witnesses reported what sounded like an explosion at Sushi Park restaurant at 121 Second Avenue, which is at the bottom of a five-story pre-war building that houses a handful of residential units.

Court documents said that Maria Hrynenko had hired Kukic, a general contractor, to work on some of her properties including the building at 121 Second Ave. Ioannidis had been hired by Kukic to handle plumbing work. Ioannidis allegedly used Trombettas’ master plumbing license and credentials, which is illegal.

Michael Hrynenko, according to court documents, was managing the building at the time.

Roger Blank, the attorney for Ioannidis, said that his client extended his deepest sympathies to those affected by the explosion.

“It’s a tragedy,” he told ABC News Thursday. “It’s a horrible tragedy.”

Blank said that his client was going to vigorously contest the charges against him.

Two people were killed — Moises Ismael Locon Yac and Nicholas Figueroa — and 22 others were injured.

Two of the most seriously injured victims were Michael Hrynenko, a building co-owner, and Kukic, who helped carry Hrynenko away from the blast, police said at the time.

“The seven-alarm fire that killed two people and engulfed three buildings in March 2015 was caused by a foreseeable, preventable, and completely avoidable gas explosion,” Vance said.

Vance said the defendants rigged a series of “illegal and highly dangerous” pipes and valves to get gas into the apartments that rented for $6,000 per month.

Mark Bederow, an attorney representing Kukic, told ABC News that his client had not admitted any involvement in the explosion.

“This is a tragic and sad case but we need to go on facts and evidence, not emotion, which is what we intend to do,” Bederow said.

Lawyers for the other defendants were not immediately available for comment.

Inspectors from Con Ed, the local power and gas company, arrived at the building March 26 to meet with the contractor to evaluate work being done by a plumber in the basement of one of the buildings, according to police. The work failed inspection.

Vance said that later that day, a worker at the sushi restaurant on the ground floor smelled gas and alerted Maria Hrynenko. She then sent Kukic and her son into the building. They smelled gas and sprinted out without notifying anyone moments before the explosion.

In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that those charged “showed a blatant and callous disregard for human life.”

“We have cooperated with the authorities throughout this probe and provided all documentation and information they requested. We continue to work closely with the city to immediately report unauthorized conditions when we find them, as well as take actions to eliminate any hazardous condition,” Con Ed said in a statement.

Vance said the case is a deadly reminder to building owners to resist shortcuts at a time when development in this and many other cities is at a breakneck pace.

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Scoreboard Roundup — 2/11/2016

iStock/ThinkStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:


Oklahoma City 121, New Orleans 95

Milwaukee 99, Washington 92


2 OT Columbus 4, Anaheim 3 (SO Columbus 2-0)

Philadelphia 5, Buffalo 1

NY Islanders 5, Los Angeles 2

Colorado 4, Ottawa 3

Boston 6, Winnipeg 2

Washington 4, Minnesota 3

Dallas 4, Chicago 2

Edmonton 5, Toronto 2

2 OT Calgary 6, San Jose 5 (SO Calgary 2-1)


Indiana 85, (4) Iowa 78

California 83 (11), Oregon 63


(2) South Carolina 86, (16) Florida 71

(5) Maryland 73, Purdue 59

(7) Ohio State 98, Iowa 81

(10) Florida State 69, Duke 53

(15) Texas A&M 64, (11) Mississippi State 58

(12) Louisville 84, Pittsburgh 61

Penn State 65, (17) Michigan State 61

(19) Miami 58, Georgia Tech 55

(25) Tennessee 69, Vanderbilt 51

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Oakland Raiders Sign New Lease to Stay Coliseum

iStock/Thinkstock(OAKLAND, Calif.) — The Oakland Raiders announced Thursday that they will continue to play home games at their current Coliseum in Oakland, California, ESPN reports.

The team announced that their lease was extended to include the 2016 season, with options for 2017 and 2018.

“My heart is here in Oakland, and if we can get something done, that’s what we’re going to do,” team owner Mark Davis said.

The Raiders have called the Coliseum home since the 1995 season. The team had been on a year-to-year lease as they looked into a possible move to Los Angeles.

The Raiders would also have the option to relocate to Los Angeles in 2017 if the San Diego Chargers decide to remain in San Diego rather than share a stadium with the Rams in Inglewood, according to ESPN.

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Ciara Teases Possible V-Day Engagement to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Scott Clarke/ESPN Images(NEW YORK) —  Ciara is opening up about the next step in her and Russell Wilson’s relationship.

In an interview with E! News, Ciara stayed tight-lipped about her Valentine’s Day plans with the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, laughing off questions about a possible engagement occurring on the romantic holiday.

“You have to ask the guy that,” Ciara said when the idea of Wilson proposing to her on Valentine’s Day was brought up. “Let me tell you, no pressure. One day at a time.”

Ciara and Wilson started dating in April 2015 and have been head-over-heels for each other ever since.

The “Goodies” singer may have stayed quiet about her Valentine’s Day plans, but Ciara did reveal a number of reasons why she enamored with the football player.

“He’s one of those guys that’s super ambitious and always has something to do,” Ciara said. “He doesn’t like to sit still, I can tell you that. He’s a go-getter, he’s a hard worker.”

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Riot at Mexican Prison Leaves at Least 49 Dead

josefkubes/iStock/ThinkStock(NEW YORK) — At least 49 inmates are dead after a battle between opposing groups at a prison near the Mexican city of Monterrey, reports BBC News.

The riot happened on Thursday at the Topo Chico jail and 12 other people were left injured.

Officials say no inmates escaped and a fire was also started in a storage room, says the BBC.

Relatives of inmates gathered outside the prison.

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US and Russia Announce Plan to Increase Syrian Aid and Stop Violence

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) —  Secretary of State John Kerry has announced new steps designed to help eliminate the violence in Syria after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Munich, aiming for a “cessation of hostilities.”

One of those steps is to expand humanitarian aid in Syria immediately. A new task force will meet Friday to ensure that progress is made in humanitarian aid and access in Syria.

 Kerry and Lavrov agreed to implement a nationwide cessation of hostilities in one week’s time, although he acknowledged that the deadline was ambitious.

Kerry said he could not guarantee the outcome of the plan and that the real test is whether all parties will implement it.

The leaders also agreed that discussions in Geneva on the ending of violence in Syria should resume as soon as possible they were paused last week.

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British Soldier Hailed a Hero for Tripping Fleeing Suspect

ABC News(NEW YORK) —  The bystander who helped British police capture a suspect last week has been revealed.

The British Army said Lance Sergeant Matthew Lawson, 37, was out with his wife last Saturday when he saw police officers chasing a young man who was running toward him. The soldier tripped the suspect, enabling officers to catch and detain him.

Kingston police later posted the CCTV footage of the chase online, thanking the good Samaritan and calling him a legend. The British Army revealed his identity on Thursday.

“I’m not a hero,” Lawson told ABC News. “I [was] just helping out.”

Lawson, who has served in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland, is based at Wellington Barracks near Buckingham Palace in London.

“I pay tribute to Matthew’s actions in helping the police apprehend this suspect, which underlines the standards and values the armed forces work to, as well as their readiness to help keep us safe even when off-duty,” said Penny Mordaunt, minister for the armed forces, in a statement.

The 17-year-old suspect was arrested “on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs” and is free on bail. He is scheduled to appear in court in April.

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Win a Work of Art detail

Today’s 101 #1 Song of The Day would be the third #1 single for the album from which it came – an album the artist had penned some 60 songs for. He wanted to make it a 3-disc album but his producer convinced him to pare it down and make it just one. The song you’re about to hear made the cut with ten other tunes and it was supposed to show a different side of the artist…the side that could pick up chicks!  read more…

Win a Work of Art mobile auto detail!

Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day was recorded in a home studio in London in 1980 on a four track recorder and it included a lot of accidents that ended up on the studio recording. The song’s writer was told by Clive Davis that the tune was just too strange and it would never be a hit. He told him to write more stuff like foreigner and to come back – but he never went back… read more…

Win a Work of Art car detail!

The 101 number one song of the day was the second number one hit for a guy born in the middle of a London air raid.   As a child he was often sick, spending at least three years in the hospital.  Then his stepdad gave him a set of drums for Christmas and it changed his life. read more…

Win a Work of Art car detail!

The 101 number one song of the day was a case of history repeating itself. For the third time in the rock era, a song which had been number one for someone else got to the top of the charts again. It was becoming a habit to do cover songs for the combo you’re about to hear. read more…