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The 101 Number One Song of the Day was written, produced and performed by the self proclaimed “Prophet of Love” . When he was only 11 years old he played piano on the classic 50s hit “Goodnight My Love” by Jesse Belvin. And then he grew up and – out to about 300 pounds. Despite his girth, his half sung, half spoken baritone quickly established him as a romantic figure – if not in person, at least in the background. During this week in September, in the year 1974 his biggest hit became number one in America for Barry White. (Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe)





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The 101 Number One Song of the Day was co-written by John Lennon but Paul McCartney had nothing to do with it. It was the product of a former mime who changed his birth name so he wouldn’t be confused with one of the Monkees. David Robert Jones was born on Elvis’ 12th birthday and by his own 12th birthday he was already deeply interested in music and was studying the saxophone. As he grew he became more interested in combining theatrics with his music… read more…

Most adorable story of dog friendship!

dog guardUSA reports:

Thanks to a loyal setter and a group of volunteers, two dogs were found safe after a week lost in the woods in Washington state.

Tillie, the setter, stayed with her doggie friend Phoebe for a week. She left each day to go find help. Phoebe a basset hound, was trapped in a concrete cistern in a ravine where Tillie stood guard.

The nonprofit animal rescue organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors had posted photos of the dogs on their Facebook page, hoping someone would spot them. On Sept. 14, they received a call saying that while they were out on their property, a “reddish” dog had come up to them a few times, before promptly heading back into a ravine.

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The 101 number one song of the day was recorded by a group that wanted to play hard rock but the crowd kept calling for something else. They gave ‘em what they wanted and got a huge hit in the bargain. The year was 1976 and a new musical age was dawning. The group was just getting started and they kept on getting gigs at discos… read more…

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Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day would be the biggest selling single for each of the two heavy hitters who performed it – it was also named the greatest duet of all time by Billboard. It’s another movie soundtrack song and the movie shares the song title… read more…

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The 101 #1 Song of the day was the first top 50 hit in almost four years for a group that many had said was past its commercial prime – they had even been dumped from their record label after racking up $160 million in album sale. The year was 1982 and in order to modernize the group’s sound, they left behind their signature horn section in favor of layered synthesizers and distorted electric guitars and … read more…

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The 101 number one song of the day was the title song to a movie but more importantly, according to the song’s writer, it was a cry for help. He said it was his “Fat Elvis” period, although at the time, Elvis had yet to gain all that weight. But, looking back, he said, the character in the movie was himself. “I was very fat, very insecure and felt that I’d lost myself.” And although most thought it was just a fast rock ‘n’ roll song, the single that was number one in America on September 9th, 1965 was literally John Lennon’s cry for (HELP!)





Name: Felicity
Breed: Pit Bull
Color: Brindle
Sex: Female
Age: ~1 1/2 years old

How can you resist that face?! Meet the adorable and oh-so charming Felicity! She is a young Pit bull who loves people, going on walks and smiling for pictures! This photogenic girl is an avid treat lover who will do just about any trick for a tasty treat! When Felicity’s not busy rolling over and giving high-fives, she always loves a good belly rub! Felicity has been with us for over a year now; please help this sweet canine find her forever home today!

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday: Noon to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday: Noon to 5pm


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The 101 number one song of the day was written in response to a United States Supreme Court ruling from 1954. 18 years after the decision was handed down it became a hit. The song was first recorded by Sammy Davis, Jr. in the late 50s and in 1971 a Jamaican Reggae group called “Greyhound” did a version of it. The group that took it to number one heard the Greyhound single on a Dutch radio station while they were touring Europe… read more…

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The 101 number one song of the day was the ninth to go to number one for a supergroup who had only one chart topper in England. Although the song you’re about to hear did eventually get to the top in Great Britain but it took someone else to get it there. It came out of the Motown as so many before it had… read more…

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Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day was the debut single for today’s featured group and it was Capitol Records fastest gold status debut single since the Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold your Hand” in 1964. The year was 1979 and the song started as a riff by the guitarist but there were no ideas for lyrics until the singer, who was 25, met a 17 year old girl whose name would be immortalized in song… read more…

Talk about turning lemons into (hard) lemonade

Tara Monroe, an industrial engineering junior at San Marcus received a DUI arrest leading to a suspended license. However, in a optimistic turn of events, she bought herself a Barbie Powerwheel fitted for children. Now, she can be seen cruising her school, reaching top speeds of up to FIVE MILES AN HOUR.


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101 Gold #1 Song of the day

101 Gold #1 Song of the Day


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