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Bruce Springsteen Reveals His Favorite Songs to “The Late Show’s” Stephen Colbert

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS Stephen Colbert welcomed Bruce Springsteen to The Late Show on Friday to plug his autobiography, Born to Run, and its companion album, Chapter and Verse. The legendary rocker also revealed his top five Springsteen songs.

The first two were easy for Bruce. “I got to put ‘Born to Run’ up there. I guess for me, ‘The Rising’ is a big song,” he answered right away, then struggled to complete the list. “What do we play every night? We play ‘Thunder Road’ really regularly. ‘Nebraska’ was a good one.”

He polled the audience for the fifth song, which seemed to be a tie between “Jungleland” and “Racing in the Streets.” 

Colbert also read a question from “an anonymous band member” about Springsteen’s tendency to call out songs his backup band has never played before.

“The entire band is bar band veterans, so they played hundreds of nights before we ever stood out in front of an audience…so there’s a common well we draw from,” he explained. “If someone says, ‘Play “Wild Thing,”‘ you’ll be fired from the E Street Band if you don’t know [that song].”

Springsteen added there’s a “little man under the stage” who runs his teleprompter and sends him the lyrics within seconds.

The 67-year-old rocker also discussed his marathon shows, which have been known to last over three hours, and, in the case of his recent concert in Philadelphia, topping the four-hour mark. His band seems to be okay with that, for the most part.

“The band doesn’t complain until around three hours and 40 minutes,” Springsteen said. “It’s that last 20 minutes that for some reason even makes the E Street Band [angry]… slightly, someone may mention it to me.”


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Beach Boy Mike Love Taking Part in Free Q&A, Performance and Book Signing at Rock Hall This Week

Credit: Udo SpreitzenbarthBeach Boys fans will get the chance to have some fun, fun, fun with Mike Love this Wednesday in Cleveland, as the singer will be taking part in a free Q&A session, performance and book signing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Love will be promoting his recently published memoir Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy.

The event, dubbed “An Evening with Mike Love,” begins at 7:30 p.m. local time and attendance will be limited to a first-come first-served basis. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame executive Dr. Jason Hanley will conduct the interview with Love, who will be discussing his long history with The Beach Boys, his autobiography, the notorious speech have gave during his group’s 1988 Rock Hall induction and much more.

Love also is expected to discuss the WaterHealth International organization, which works toward aiding in-need areas with clean water and sanitation.

Part of the event will be streamed live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s official Facebook page.

Following the Q&A, Love and members of the current Beach Boys lineup will play a short acoustic set. Mike then will take time to meet fans and sign copies of Good Vibrations. Fans who want to attend the signing must purchase a copy of the book at the FYE store located inside of the museum.

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Buckwheat Zydeco’s Stanley Dural, Jr. Dead at 68

Photo by Douglas Mason/Getty ImagesStanley “Buckwheat” Dural Jr., better known by his stage name, Buckwheat Zydeco, died early Saturday in Lafayette, Louisiana, according to The Times-Picayune. He was 68 years old.

He’d been suffering from lung cancer.

The Lafayette native discovered zydeco music — a blend of Cajun, Creole and blues — from his father’s accordion playing and the scratching sounds his uncle could pull out of the family’s washboard, which they used to clean laundry, the Times-Picayune notes.

Dural — who reportedly was nicknamed “Buckwheat” after the Little Rascals character — played in a number of bands before going solo and eventually becoming the first zydeco artist to sign with a major label.

Dural also performed and recorded with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and U2, among others, and appeared on TV and in movies, including 1987’s The Big Easy.

He won an Emmy for his music in Pistol Pete: The Life and Times of Pete Maravich.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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“The Magnificent Seven” Is #1 at Weekend Box Office

L-R: Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt in “The Magnificent Seven”; MGM/Columbia Pictures(NEW YORK) — The Magnificent Seven was the top draw at the box office over the weekend.

The remake of the 1960 Western, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, among others, debuted in first place by earning an estimated 35 million dollars.

The film was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who previously directed Washington in Training Day and The Equalizer.

The animated film Storks, featuring the voices of Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, Kelsey Grammer and more, opened in second place, collecting 21.8 million dollars.

After leading the box office the previous two weekends, Sully finished in third place, with 13.8 million bucks.

Here are the top 10 movies from Friday through Sunday, with estimated ticket sales, according to comScore:

1. The Magnificent Seven, $35 million.
2. Storks, $21.8 million.
3. Sully, $13.8 million.
4. Bridget Jones’s Baby, $4.5 million.
5. Snowden, $4.1 million.
6. Blair Witch, $4 million.
7. Don’t Breathe, $3.8 million.
8. Suicide Squad, $3.1 million.
9. When the Bough Breaks, $2.5 million.
10. Kubo and the Two Strings, $1.1 million.

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Monty Python’s Terry Jones Diagnosed with Dementia

Tommaso Boddi/WireImage(LONDON) — Monty Python member Terry Jones, who also directed or co-directed the British comedy troupe’s classic films Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life and Life of Brian, can no longer do interviews.  According to a spokesperson, he’s been diagnosed with a form of dementia that makes it difficult for him to speak.

In a press release announcing that Jones was to receive an award from the British Academy of Film and Television arts, a spokesman for the performer said, “Terry has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia, a variant of Frontotemporal Dementia.  This illness affects his ability to communicate and he is no longer able to give interviews.”

However, continued the spokesperson, “Terry is proud and honored to be recognized in this way and is looking forward to the celebrations.”

Jones, who was born in Wales, will receive the Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film and Television from the Welsh branch of BAFTA.  He’ll be honored October 2 at the British Academy Cymru Awards — “Cymru” is Welsh for Wales.

While Jones was a part of numerous classic Python sketches, he may be best known for portraying Mr. Creosote, the gluttonous man who ate so much he exploded, in The Meaning of Life.

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“Quantico” Is Back! What’s New in Season 2?

ABC/Giovanni Rufino(NEW YORK) — The ABC drama Quantico returns for its second season Sunday night, and star Priyanka Chopra says things are very different this time around.

Season 1 ended with Chopra’s FBI agent Alex Parrish clearing her name by uncovering the true perpetrator of a terrorist bombing — and getting fired from the FBI regardless.

However, her unemployment is short-lived, as she’s approached to join the CIA. “It’s a complete reset,” Chopra tells ABC Radio.

“She’s in…over her head because she’s a very honest, truthful…kind of girl, and the CIA is all about lying, deceit and betrayal.” 

Along with Alex’s new job is a new mentor, in the form of Blair Underwood’s Owen Hall. His character — like the Quantico scripts — is mired in secrecy.

Underwood, who recently had a recurring character on another ABC show, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that was part of a massive character twist, says he got used to keeping his lips zipped, for fear of the “Marvel snipers” — who actors have joked will “take them out” if they reveal spoilers.

“Marvel, and you know this, they are really intense about, ‘Don’t say, do anything.’ So [Quantico] is not quite [the same] but it’s — they’re pretty secretive.”

Parrish finds herself stumbling across a very tense situation in the opening minutes of Sunday’s show: terrorists have taken the president hostage at the G20 summit — and even though she’s a civilian, Chopra says Alex knows what she must do — sensible footwear be-damned. “Alex only wears heels — that’s her superpower,” the actress jokes. “She fights and runs like Batman in heels.”

“She didn’t know it was going to happen — she was dressed for a meeting,” Chopra explains. “And then she ended up becoming bad-a**, and using the resources she has — including the heels — to get rid of terrorists. It’s pretty amazing.” 

On a serious note, this season also deals with another terror attack — told in the series flashback/forward style.

“Whenever you watch these episodes, if you miss something: grabbing popcorn, or a cup of coffee or some dinner — don’t ever miss the last one minute of the show. Ever!” 

Quantico airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on ABC. 

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Brother-in-Law of Keith Lamont Scott Calls for Release of Full Police Video

ABC News(NEW YORK) — Ray Dotch, brother-in-law of Keith Lamont Scott, who was killed by police in Charlotte last week, Monday called for the full police video of the incident to be released and said that he hopes Americans will take “an absolute unflinching look” at prejudice and police-involved shootings and that “we as a nation tell the truth about who we are.”

Dotch told Good Morning America Monday that the partial video of the encounter Tuesday between Scott and Charlotte police which the police department released Saturday “left us with more questions than with answers” about the shooting.

“We’re, first, happy they released” the partial video, Dotch told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “Our absolute first goal is to get to the absolute truth … We’re still trying to understand how it came to be that this particular moment led to the loss of life.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, released some of the police department’s tapes of the fatal shooting of Scott on Saturday, and Police Chief Kerr Putney said more footage will come later.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Dotch said that in the wake of the tragedy, “My family is trying to expand the conversation beyond just us.”

“My hope on all of this is that the only way that Keith and all of the others’ lives will not be in vain is if we as a nation tell the truth about who we are, about the inherent prejudices that we carry as a nation, that we’ve always carried,” Dotch said.

“When you see my sister as your sister, when you see Keith Lamont Scott as your brother and not just my brother, when we stand together as a United States and say enough of this then we’re making forward progress,” he said.

Dotch acknowledged that he and his family are grieving Scott’s death.

“We’re holding it together,” he said.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

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Iowa Watches Nervously as River Rises to Highest Level Since Record 2008 Floods

iStock/Thinkstock(VINTON, Iowa) — Iowa residents awaited nervously Monday as the swollen Cedar River rose steadily to its highest levels since a devastating flood in 2008 that caused some $10 billion in damages and took one life.

The river crested in the town of Vinton at just under 22 feet at 3 a.m. Monday, less than three ft. shy of the record hit back in 2008.

Floodwaters invaded streets, inundating homes, businesses, parks, yards and stopping the circulation of vehicles in parts of the town.

“I think it could have been a lot worse,” resident Becci Sloan told KCRG, a local ABC affiliate, hours before the river crested. “There’s going to be a lot of trash leftover and a lot of wood and debris.”

Emergency crews stood vigil, preparing for the worst.

Downstream, the city of Cedar Rapids urged residents in low-lying parts of the city to evacuate on Sunday, as many worked feverishly throughout the day, moving furniture, removing furnaces and other vulnerable equipment, and encircling buildings with walls of sandbags.

“Residents are reminded that 16 feet is considered major flooding, and the river is predicted to crest at 23 feet,” the city warned. “Temporary flood control measures have been constructed in an effort to contain rising water, but are no guarantee of safety.”

The National Weather Service predicts the river to crest early Tuesday morning, but the rising waters were already impacting the flood evacuation zone on Sunday, where a curfew took effect at 8 p.m. and will remain in effect until the area is deemed safe.

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Charlotte Lifts Curfew Imposed in Response to Protests

Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) — The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, announced Sunday evening that the curfew that had been imposed in response to protests after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott had been lifted, effective immediately.

Protests were peaceful Saturday night, although some clergy and demonstrators ignored the midnight curfew to stop and pray outside the Charrlotte-Mecklenburg police headquarters, just hours after the department released body cam and dash cam video footage of the fatal shooting of Scott on Tuesday.

Demonstrators filled the streets of downtown Charlotte carrying signs that read “Hands Up, They Still Shoot,” “Why Us?” “Define ‘Bad Due,'” and “Black Lives Matter,” but the protests were orderly.

The curfew was imposed Thursday after demonstrations over the past week have become violent, with protesters looting and vandalizing businesses, and the National Guard was called out to help maintain order.

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Outpouring of Emotion After Ohio High School Football Player Succumbs to Injury

Photodisc/Thinkstock(CLEVELAND) — A 17-year-old Ohio high school football player died on Sunday after being injured in a game on Friday, reports WEWS-TV, a local ABC affiliate.

Andre Jackson, a junior fullback and outside linebacker from Euclid High School, near Cleveland, was injured during a special teams play in Friday night’s game, his coach said.

“It was a pooch kick,” Euclid coach Jeff Rotsky told WEWS. “He was going for the ball, and their guys were going for the ball, and I think he got kicked or kneed.”

Rotsky said the incident happened during a “completely normal” special teams play.

The school district said Jackson walked off the field after the play, went to the hospital and was later released.

The cause of death is still unknown.

Heartfelt condolences came quickly after news of the teen’s death on Sunday.

Rotsky said it was Jackson’s bright smile and constant kindness that friends and teammates talked most about.

“He is irreplaceable,” said Rotsky. “There will never be a smile like Andre Jackson’s. No matter how much you asked him to do, he would do it for you. That’s the type of young man we unfortunately lost today.”

Euclid High School issued an official statement:

“Today, Euclid High School junior Andre L. Jackson passed away following an injury sustained during Friday night’s football game. Andre was a hardworking student-athlete that brought smiles to all those with whom he came in contact. The Euclid City School District would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the Jackson family during this horrific time.”

Solon City school district, Euclid’s opponent on Friday, issued this statement to parents and students about Jackson’s death:

“The Solon Schools are mourning the loss tonight of Euclid High School student Andre L. Jackson, who passed away earlier today. A junior and member of the Panthers football team, Andre was 17. He sustained an injury in Friday night’s game against the Comets. The cause of his death is yet unknown. Everyone in the Solon Comets athletic program and the Solon Schools sends prayers and thoughts of comfort to Andre’s family, friends, teammates, coaches as well as the Euclid High School and Euclid communities. Counselors will be available this week for our Solon students who want to talk or need additional support.”

Teammates, classmates, friends and rivals took to Twitter to express their grief using the hashtag #RIPandre:

Prayers for the Euclid football team, community, and family for their loss of #48 Andre Jackson. #RIPandre

Euclid High School was scheduled to host its homecoming game Friday night, WEWS reports, but officials said they are unsure whether the game will still be played.

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Kevin Harvick Wins Chase Race at New Hampshire

Hemera/Thinkstock(LOUDON, N.H.) — Kevin Harvick won the second race in the Sprint Cup Series’ Chase on Sunday.

He finished first in the Bad Boy Off Road 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He now advances to the second round of NASCAR’s playoffs.

Kenseth finished second, followed by Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski and Kurt Busch.

Martin Truex Jr. won the Chase opener at Chicagoland Speedway last week.

Here are the top 10 drivers in the Bad Boy Off Road 300, held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire:

1. Kevin Harvick
2. Matt Kenseth
3. Kyle Busch
4. Brad Keslowski
5. Kurt Busch
6. Carl Edwards
7. Martin Truex Jr.
8. Jimmie Johnson
9. Kasey Kahne
10. Kyle Larson

Here’s the updated Chase standings:

1. Brad Keselowski — 2087 points.
2. Martin Truex Jr. — 2086 points.
3. Kyle Busch — 2085 points.
4. Matt Kenseth — 2078 points.
5. Joey Logano — 2073 points.
6. Kevin Harvick — 2071 points.
7. Denny Hamlin — 2071 points.
8. Jimmie Johnson — 2070 points.
9. Chase Elliott — 2068 points.
10. Carl Edwards — 2068 points.
11. Kurt Busch — 2067 points.
12. Kyle Larson — 2057 points.
13. Jamie McMurray — 2052 points.
14. Austin Dillon — 2052 points.
15. Tony Stewart — 2046 points.
16. Chris Buescher — 2027 points.

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Scoreboard Roundup — 9/25/16

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:


Baltimore 2, Arizona 1


Toronto 4, N-Y Yankees 3
Chi White Sox 3, Cleveland 0
Kansas City 12, Detroit 9
Boston 3, Tampa Bay 2, 10 Innings
Houston 4, L.A. Angels 1
Seattle 4, Minnesota 3
Oakland 7, Texas 1


L.A. Dodgers 4, Colorado 3, 10 Innings
San Diego 4, San Francisco 3
Chi Cubs 3, St. Louis 1
N-Y Mets 17, Philadelphia 0
Washington 10, Pittsburgh 7
Cincinnati 4, Milwaukee 2
Atlanta at Miami  (canceled)


Buffalo 33, Arizona 18
OT  Miami 30, Cleveland 24
Washington 29, N-Y Giants 27
Green Bay 34, Detroit 27
Baltimore 19, Jacksonville 17
Oakland 17, Tennessee 10
Denver 29, Cincinnati 17
Minnesota  22, Carolina 10
Seattle 37, San Francisco 18
Los Angeles 37, Tampa Bay 32
Indianapolis 26, San Diego 22
Kansas City 24  N-Y Jets 3
Philadelphia 34, Pittsburgh 3
Dallas 31, Chicago 17

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Crime Stoppers President Arrested for Drug Trafficking

iStock/Thinkstock(LEAMINGTON, Ontario) — He didn’t turn himself in.

CTV reports that Ontario Provincial Police raided greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario. It led to the arrest of Jon-Paul Fuller, a president of an Ontario chapter of Crime Stoppers.

Police said they found more than 2,900 marijuana plants and 41 kilograms of harvested marijuana.

Fuller is charged with production of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers voted Thursday to remove Fuller following his arrest.

Charlie Hotham preceded Fuller as president and was reinstated. “We don’t want to let one person take away from the good deeds that Crime Stoppers does,” he said.

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Samsung Tablet Causes Emergency, Diversion on Trans-Atlantic Flight

DigitalVision/Thinkstock(MANCHESTER, England) — A Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam had to divert to Manchester, England for two hours overnight Saturday into Sunday after smoke and an unknown smell developed in the passenger cabin.

A Delta official and senior U.S. official both tell ABC News that the emergency on Flight 138 was caused by a Samsung tablet.

The Delta official explained that the tablet fell inside a seat and became jammed after the seat either reclined or was returned to upright. Underneath the seat cover, the tablet and foam then started smoking and passengers could smell a strange odor.

The flight diverted to Manchester, where the seat was replaced entirely. After two hours on the ground, the flight was airborne en route to Amsterdam, where it landed at 5:11 a.m. ET.

The device that caused the emergency is apparently not the Samsung that is subject to recall because of a faulty battery.

The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing the incident.

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Royal Trip to Canada: Prince William, Princess Kate Head to Vancouver

Dominic Lipinski-Pool/Getty Images(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — Prince William and Princess Kate’s royal tour of Canada continues Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel from Victoria, where they landed Saturday along with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to Vancouver via seaplane. Once there, they will visit an outreach program helping vulnerable mothers battle drug and alcohol addiction.

William and Kate will also visit the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and the Kitsilano Coastguard Station.

The royal family’s eight-day trip to Canada marks the first royal tour for Princess Charlotte and the second for 3-year-old Prince George, who traveled to Australia and New Zealand with his parents when he was 9 months old.

Canada was also the site of the first foreign royal tour for William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, when they were ages 9 and 7, respectively, traveling with their parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana in 1991.

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Win 2 tickets to see Get the Led Out

“The American Led Zeppelin” performs live at the Flickinger Center Sunday, October 2nd in Alamogordo!

The 101 Number One Song of the Day was co-written by John Lennon but not with Paul McCartney. It was the product of a former mime who changed his birth name so he wouldn’t be confused with one of the Monkees. Hear the rest of the story and the song next on 101 Gold. David Robert Jones was born on Elvis’ 12th birthday and by his own 12th birthday he was already deeply interested in music and was studying the saxophone. As he grew he became more interested in combining theatrics with his music. Eventually he came to be known as the ultimate chameleon of rock because of his constant changes in musical styles. With the help of John Lennon who can be heard singing on the end of today’s song, and guitarist Carlos Alamor, he came up with the song which reached number one on September 20th, 1975. By this time, David Jones had changed his last name to Bowie – after the knife, he said. The song: “Fame”

Win 2 tickets to “Get the Led Out”

The American Led Zeppelin plays The Flickinger Center in Alamogordo Sunday, October 2nd.

The 101 Number One Song of the day was written and produced by the husband wife team of Ashford & Simpson and it was previously a hit for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell but the person who took it all the way to the top was just getting started – all over again. read more…


Today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day was an accident after the artist’s wife mistakenly sent it to Paramount executives who were looking for music for a film. It turned out to be one of the highest grossing songs ever written for a film. It would be one of two songs from the movie soundtrack that was nominated for an Oscar in 1983 but the other song would win – that was “Flashdance” by Irene Cara. The song sent by mistake to Paramount by Mrs. Michael Sembello was “Maniac” and it’s today’s 101 #1 Song of the Day.


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The 101 #1 Song of the day was the first top 50 hit in almost four years for a group that many had said was past its commercial prime – they had even been dumped from their record label after racking up $160 million in album sales. read more…

Happy Ending

Bus Driver pulls all 20 kids off burning bus – then goes back to make sure no one was left behind.

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