Donna Dollar

Donna Dollar has been in the Radio Business for 17 years now and still loving every minute of it.

She learned all about radio and remote broadcasting from her Father Johnny who was a long time DJ in El Paso and took a liking to it immediately . Always Daddy’s Little Girl, Donna followed her dad from place to place learning the ropes and even voicing some commercials for him. After high school, Donna spent a lot of her time as an intern for radio stations until finally landing her first gig in El Paso, her home town.

In 2007, Donna brought her show to 101 Gold and later became a Las Cruces resident. When Donna is not on the air she spends her time on the “other side of the building” as the Traffic Manager making sure all Bravo Mic Communications’ wonderful clients are on the air! Donna loves living in Las Cruces; her favorite thing to see in the morning outside her window are the beautiful Organ Mountains.

Donna enjoys spending each and every day with her listeners playing their favorites from 10-2 and hosting the all-request lunch hour. Donna says she is very grateful for the loyal listeners who stick by her and give her support and that she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Call her at 575-527-1011 or e-mail