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Nugget of Knowledge

Nugget of Knowledge

 Nugget of Knowledge 10-10-12

An elderly British couple is making headlines for buying what they THOUGHT was a regular shrub at a flea market which they planted and cared for and turns out they have quite the green thumb! Police in Bedford say this is the largest plant they’ve ever seen.












In Canada, a shop owner is offering lessons FOR KIDS in pole dancing! Here in Las Cruces, grown adults want to pole dance…September 25th there’s a public hearing – will you go?


As any parent in the midst of potty training a child knows, public restrooms are sub-optimal for toddlers but much of the Internet is still outraged by one mom’s recent solution to the going-potty-in-public conundrum. Continue reading


According to survey data from BMW Financial, men and women BOTH lie every day!

Men lie 3 times a day; women 2 times daily

Think about it… “I only had one beer”, “Yes, I love your new dress”

Where’s the beef jerky? A lot if is apparently in the possession of a wig-wearing man caught on surveillance tape smashing the window of a beef-jerky specialty store in Albuquerque, and stealing about 20 bags of the snacks that he especially seemed to target, CBS affiliate KRQE-TV reported. Continue reading


An international study of people under 30 in nine nations “reveals” how important sexy underwear are. People in Spain and France were most likely to be sure to wear them on a date while people in Germany were least likely to care…Americans and the Chinese were about in the middle.

We know everyone has granny panties…but does everyone have a pair like this guy’s? 





According to a new study – 69% of respondents, both men and women say this is the ultimate status symbol…the number one sign you have made it!

What would YOU say is the number one status symbol?



 SAN ANTONIO – A couple making headlines for a “romantic” proposal immediately after they were….ARRESTED!

They allegedly tried to pull off an armed robbery at the Family Dollar.

Congrats Roger for getting the answer – enjoy your certificate from Josephina’s Old Gate Cafe in old Mesilla!

Join us again tomorrow at 6:50 a.m. for the Nugget of Knowledge.



A massive recall on multiple brands of toilets after 14 have exploded!

The recall affects models made between 1997-2008.

for more info Continue reading

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