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By his own account, Mike McKay has lived a charmed life. This year, he and his wife, Nancy, celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Erin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she studied zoology and now cares for the animals she loves – great apes – at the Fort Worth Zoo. Mike has been fortunate to spend his adult life doing what he always wanted to do – entertaining listeners on the radio. He was born and grew up in Brooklyn, N. Y. After graduating from college with a B. A. in English Literature from Saint Anselm College he began working, somewhat inexplicably, in the financial sector in lower Manhattan. But it wasn’t long before he began pursuing a dream born years before while listening to the Beatles on New York’s WABC radio. Soon he was offered a position in sales at an AM station in tiny Lehighton, PA. Within a month he was doing the morning show. Five years later, he landed an on air gig at the most listened to station in the nation which just happened to be that very station he tuned in while in high school – WABC 770 which was heard in more than 30 states. By the early eighties however, music on radio was making it’s inexorable transition to FM. Although that meant leaving the station he grew up with, it brought other remarkable opportunities. Mike went on to a pioneering position in satellite radio hosting Nighttime America on the RKO Radio Network which was heard on hundreds of radio stations in all fifty states. Later he was able to live and work in other parts of the country, including Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, and Detroit. In ’97, the family moved to the great southwest which led to the ultimate opportunity when an entrepreneurial listener, Ned Bennett, approached Mike with a plan to form a new radio company. And Bravo Mic Communications was born. Today, and every day, Mike looks forward to getting up early and joining his on air partner and great friend for the last 14 years, KC Counts, for “Your Morning Show with Mike and KC” which has been the most popular radio show in southern New Mexico for several years running. Email mikemckay@101gold.com

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Friday, February 27th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 27, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day was a long song that broke up a long partnership – of the two people who were responsible for its creation.

The two had known each other since the sixth grade and there had always been an element of tension in their working relationship. But by the time they were working on the song you’re about to hear, that tension had grown dramatically. While one of the partners wrote it, the other performed it as a solo on stage. The writer remembers sitting off to the side and resenting the great response the other would get while singing it. He said, “I’d be thinking, ‘that’s my song.’ In the earlier days when they were getting along, he said, ‘I’d never have felt that resentment.” While they’d reunite on stage from time to time, it would be the last time they’d record together. The song arrived at number one this week in February, 1970. Paul wrote it, but the main singer was – Art. Simon and Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

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Thursday, February 26th, 2015 by

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February 26, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day was a breakthrough for a woman who had tried, and failed, 15 times to have a hit record despite having a very famous name. And she owed her eventual success to garbage.

Despite years of training in voice, dance, and piano her songs about love and romance went nowhere. And despite an incredible vocal pedigree – in fact, perhaps, because of it, she spent years of professional disappointment. Until she teamed up with the writer and producer of today’s featured song. He told her, quote: “You’re not a sweet young thing. You’re not the virgin next store. You’ve been married and divorced. You’re a grown woman. I know there’s garbage in their somewhere.” By garbage he meant pain, heartbreak and worldliness. The realization of that “garbage” made all the difference. With the success of today’s song, for the first time in her life she felt she was her own woman – not someone’s daughter, not someone’s wife or sister. The producer/writer was Lee Hazelwood. And this song was number one in America on February 26th, 1966 and it became a huge hit all over the world for Nancy Sinatra – These Boots are Made for Walking.

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

The 101 number one song of the day comes from one of the 70s most popular bands. But they also had their share of critics which included some of rock’s most influential writers.

One wrote, “I dislike the (band) with the same adolescent fervor that I reserved for the BMOC in my prep school and for many of the same reasons: fear, politics, style, envy.” The writer went on to opine that “if they weren’t so successful they wouldn’t be worth disliking so much.” During this week in February, 1977 they scored their third number one and this is it – for the Eagles – New Kid in Town.

Nugget of Knowldege

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, 101 Gold's Posts, Your Morning Show

February 24, 2015: The 101 # 1 song of the day is from an English Band with a royal sounding name and their lead singer listed Jimi Hendrix and Liza Minelli as his main influences.

Of their many hits, he always had a particular fondness to today’s 101 Number One Song of the day saying “it’s a song about love and I’m a loving person.” And, “it’s easy to love the things that bring you money.” The song rose to number one during this week in 1980. His name was Freddie Mercury and the band’s name: Queen. The song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

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Monday, February 23rd, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 23, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day was recorded by a band from Chicago that wanted a name that sounded like England.

The British invasion had American bands scrambling for ways to compete with the Beatles, the Stones, the Dave Clark Five and others. Originally known as the Pulsations, they briefly considered choosing the name “The Baker Street Irregulars” as a nod to Sherlock Holmes. But eventually they agreed to name which reflected royalty and on February 23, 1967 they owned the number one song in America – Here now are the Buckinghams and “Kind of a Drag”

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Friday, February 20th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 20, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day was the result of a drunken night of revelry for the man who John Lennon called his favorite American singer.

He was a song writer whose work was recorded by The Turtles, Lulu, Rick Nelson, Blood, Sweat and Tears and many others. In fact, Three Dog Night scored a top ten hit with his song, “One.” Oddly enough, his own biggest hit recordings were written by someone else. One night, he was listening to music and throwing back a number of drinks when a particular song struck his fancy. The following day, when he sobered up, he tried to remember the song. At first he thought it was a Beatles song but eventually he realized it was something on a Badfinger album. He thought it had the potential to be a number one song and he was right. On February 22, 1972 it was atop Billboard’s Hot 100 – It’s Nillson “Without You.”

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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 19, 2015: The 101 Number One Song of the Day was the product of a band from Scotland who were raised on a steady diet of sweet Memphis soul and the sounds of Motown.

They were formed in Glasgow and got their big break opening for Eric Clapton during his comeback concert in London in 1973. Not long after they embarked on a no fills tour of America using second hand equipment borrowed from the Who. They scored a number one song during this week in 1975. It’s the Average White Band and Pick Up the Pieces.

Crusin In Cruces

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 18, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day got its beginning because of idol worship – it certainly wasn’t because of talent.

The song’s producer, Snuff Garrett said he had two idols growing up: one was Roy Rogers and the other was the father of the man you’re about to hear. The elder man later became Garrett’s neighbor and when the son formed a band he was asked to listen to them and see if they might produce a record together. Garrett remembers thinking that the kid wasn’t a very good singer but maybe, with the help of the father promoting the record, it could be a hit. So, once in the studio, he began mixing him with other singers and when he got through, he said he sounded like Mario Lanza. That may be a slight exaggeration but that song did reach number one this week in February, 1965 for the son of Jerry Lewis. Here’s Gary Lewis and the Playboys (This Diamond Ring)

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 17, 2015: The 101 Number One song of the day was written by Bruce Springsteen and originally appeared on his debut album “Greetings From Asbury Park.” But it wasn’t the Boss who made it famous.

He did release it as a single but it bombed. It was then recorded by a new band fronted by a keyboard player who had several hits in the 60s but in the 70s he fell on some hard times, musically speaking. But when his new group recorded Bruce’s song he was back on top. It was number one in America on February 17th, 1977 – for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – “Blinded by the Light”

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Friday, February 13th, 2015 by

Posted in 101 #1 Song of The Day, Your Morning Show

February 13, 2015: The 101 number one song of the day was written, produced and recorded by a former San Francisco Disc Jockey who found himself torn between the positive and the negative and the resulting conflict is taking its toll to the day.

His name is Sylvester Stewart and he was among the many young artists first immortalized at Woodstock. His natural optimism and simple upbeat messages in his music reinforced the youth of all races. But he also was constantly being pressured by certain groups who tried to enlist him as a spokesman for their own negative propaganda. The squeeze took its toll and the one time workaholic became an alcoholic and he spiraled downward into a drug induced pit which led him to show up for concerts hours late, if he showed up at all. Eventually, he became a recluse. But on February 13, 1970 he was riding high – on the charts when his most recent release arrived on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 – Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You for Lettin’ Me Be Myself)

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