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KC just celebrated her 20th year in radio! She began her career as a fetus while attending Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. Her paternal grandmother’s family homesteaded there in 1912, the year New Mexico became a state! Two of “Mema’s” sisters and many other relatives still live there. KC’s Las Cruces roots run deep too as her maternal Great-Grandfather, Dr. Jerome Love was one of the Organ Mountain ranch owners. He traveled a large region in his mobile surgical unit (supposedly the first of its kind) and even made his way to Portales where “Mema” was – she was even acquainted with him long before the two families would merge in 1970 when KC’s mother and father married in El Paso just before he went to Germany during the Vietnam War. KC graduated from Burges High School (almost with honors) where she enjoyed a year on the flag corps, a year as a cheerleader and three years in theater and speech and debate (which is probably why she’s so darn argumentative). KC met up with Mike McKay in 1998; their first show together was on April Fool’s Day that year. They worked together until 2004 when Mike began at 101 Gold and KC began reporting news on KVIA. The opportunity to form Bravo Mic Communications and purchase 101 Gold brought KC into the Las Cruces radio market and enabled Your Morning Show to get back on the air! Hear KC with Mike weekdays 6-10 right here on Southern New Mexico’s #1 radio station. She would love to catch up with you on Facebook (can hardly keep her away from it according to her poor husband of 18 years). Clint works as a Lieutenant in the El Paso Fire Department and hopes to continue his flight training to one day fly commercially. We don’t talk about that too much because it makes KC a little nervous (you remember Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valenz, The Big Bopper, Jim Croce, Otis Redding, John Denver…you get the idea). Questions for KC? Feel free to email

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101 Number One Song of the Day almost never got written at all because the writers thought it was just a copy of something they already did.  (More about that in just moments)  The duo of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil were asked by producer Phil Spector to come up with a follow-up song for the pair of artists who had taken another one of their songs to the top.  They started writing the song you’re about to hear and then stopped.  Too much like the other song, they said.  So the project was abandoned.  (more…)

Pet of the Week

He’s ripped in more ways than one!

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The 101 number one song of the day comes from the group that has been called “the largest selling quartet in the history of recorded music.”  If you think you know exactly who this fabulous foursome is – you’re probably wrong.  (They’re coming up next.)  But we’ll get back to that in just a moment.  Most international artists would be thrilled to have an American track record that included a number one song, three other top 10 hits and nine additional singles that made the top 30.  But the members of this group consider America to be their only failure.  (more…)

Crusin In Cruces

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 by

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It was the first of two singles to be released from a 1984 movie soundtrack – hear the rest of the story and the song next on 101 Gold… they both became #1…and the song you’re about to hear was ultimately ranked as the number 4 song of that year. It won a grammy for song of the year. It’s been covered by artists ranging from the cast of Glee to Weird Al Yankovic to Alvin and the Chipmunks. (more…)

Outlaw Goat

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 by

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A lawless goat—or a billy the kid, if you will—is currently in custody in New Jersey on a litany of charges, including disorderly behavior, trespass, and first-degree larceny (for stealing my damn heart.)

Paramus cops say they “responded to calls of a disorderly goat headbutting a door in the Beech Lane area of town” on Sunday morning.

According to the police report, the smirking ball of fur attempted to flee but eventually got picked up “running in the roadway.” He remains in custody, both with animal control and on my computer as a screensaver.

Double Your Dollars

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The song had been a top 5 hit once before in 1969 but British entertainer Jonathan King dramatically re-arranged it and released it in England with minor success in 1972.  The head of A & R of EMI in Sweden heard the song and decided to encourage one of his groups – the aforementioned Bjorn and the Blablus to record it for themselves.  They did and when it became a hit in their own country they decided to try the American market and it easily surpassed the original version by landing at number one on April 6, 1974.


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First of all – the record topped the greatest monopoly of Billboard Magazine’s top five: all five songs belonged to the same artist.  Secondly, it established the greatest monopoly of the Top 100 with a total of ten singles on the charts at the same time.  Third, the biggest leap to number one – from number 27.  Fourth, Most consecutive number ones which at the time was three in a row. And finally, the Largest Advance Sale with orders of 2.1 million records.  (more…)

Hometown Headlines w/ Brad Barrett

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101 #1 Song of the Day marked a return to the roots of the kind of rock-n-roll for a group who’s last several songs were considered socially relevant…It was 1971 but the sound was pure 1965 click here to read more… (more…)

Why we can’t have nice things!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 by

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Chapelle mugChristian-Englander


This man is accused of throwing a banana peel at comedian Dave Chapelle on stage in Santa Fe Monday night. The suspect says Chapelle was making racist jokes. Chapelle says he will follow through on charges because he believes the man’s actions were racially motivated.

Here’s the rest of the story:

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Make Riley Smiley!

Friday, March 27th, 2015 by

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Riley is a very small Chihuahua, about 2 years old, who was LEFT IN A BOX outside the shelter almost a year ago!

She suffers from some type of spinal cord injury that has hindered her use of her hind legs so she’ll need special attention but she has captured the hearts of the staff at the shelter and will surely capture your too.

Her adoption fee is $75 and she’ll be at the shelter when you go at noon :)

They’re located at 3551 Bataan Memorial West. Call 382-0018 with questions.

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