The 101 number one song of the day was designed to be so inferior that disc jockeys would immediately recognize it as the “B” side it was intended to be. It did not turn out that way.  Gary De Carlo was signed by Mercury Records to do several songs, each of them he felt deserved to be “A” sides. The song you’re about to hear was dug up and slapped together late one night to back one of the other songs to be released as a single. The song came in at two minutes so in order to further insure that DJs wouldn’t play it, they lengthened it to four minutes by adding a chorus. But there weren’t any words to the chorus so they just made it up as they went along. The head of the label liked the song and thought it was deserving of a main side. However, Gary De Carlo was upset that his other songs were had to take a back seat to this one and refused to have his name attached to it and for that matter to promote it by performing the song. As it shot up the charts – arriving at number one this week in 1969, another group was recruited and they made up a name for them. That name was “STEAM” and here’s your 101 number one song of the Day (Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye)


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