Jackson Browne Reveals Planned Title for New Album; Praises Tom Petty’s Songwriting Prowess

Jackson Browne Reveals Planned Title for New Album; Praises Tom Petty’s Songwriting Prowess

Photo: Nels IsraelsonJackson Browne recently announced that he’ll be releasing his 13th studio album this fall, which will be the follow-up to 2008’s Time the Conqueror.  While few official details about the new project have be unveiled, the singer-songwriter revealed to ABC News Radio this past week what he’s considering calling the record.

“I think I might call it Standing in the Breach, which is the name of one of the songs,” he said Wednesday on the red carpet of the ASCAP Pop Awards in Los Angeles.  “I’ve always named [my albums] after songs on the record.  It’s just lazy of me, I suppose.”

Browne added that he had been thinking about another name, Semi Recent, apparently referring to the material he’ll be including on the album, but he decided that the title was “too jokey.”

The 65-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was at the ASCAP Pop Awards to present Tom Petty with the performing-rights organization’s prestigious Founder’s Award.  Jackson, who’s no slouch in the songwriting department, told ABC News Radio that he marvels at Petty’s ability to craft a memorable tune.

“[He’s] one of those guys you look at and think, ‘How does he do this?  How does he do this?'” gushed Browne.  “He’s come up with some of the greatest songs in rock ‘n’ roll.”

Browne went on to describe Petty as “a magical writer,” pointing out that “what he says is so emotionally true and so simple,” while noting, “It’s a very big temptation to write long…It’s very hard to write short and simple.”

The next event on Jackson’s schedule is an appearance this Wednesday at an intimate show at the Los Angeles club Largo featuring various artists singing the compositions of singer/songwriter Eleni Mandel.  Browne then will launch a U.S. solo acoustic tour on July 2 in Omaha, Nebraska.

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