Take New Personality Quiz to Find Out Which Who Are You

Take New Personality Quiz to Find Out Which Who Are You

GeffenThe Who‘s four founding members all possessed such distinct personalities, yet they worked together as an amazing sonic unit.  Guitarist/songwriter Pete Townshend is a spiritual, yet angry, seeker; singer Roger Daltrey is a bastion of strength and self-confidence; late bassist John Entwistle was a soft-spoken and quirky musical virtuoso; and late drummer Keith Moon was a madcap prankster and a hyperactive force of nature, with an insatiable appetite for drugs and alcohol.

Now, a new online personality quiz helps fans determine which member of the band they’re most like.  To get an idea of what you’re in for if you take the test, here’s one of the 10 questions, along with four the answers from which you’ll get to choose:

“In your workplace, what’s the most effective way you find to do your work?”
– Hitting all the keys at once and then smashing the monitor.
– Sitting very still, fingers a-blur, typing like a fury.
– Jumping up and down with your laptop and swinging your arms about.
– Whirling your mouse around your head by the cable.

So which Who are you?  If you really want to know, visit BBCAmerica.com now.

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