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101 # 1 Song of the Day – 3-18-14

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 by

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101 Number One Song of the Day: was recorded by a rock and roll superstar whose name is as recognizable today as it was then.  Yet it was his ONLY solo effort to crack the top 30. 

Over the years he was in bands with some of rock and roll’s other more recognizable names such as Rick James – ever hear of the Mynah Birds?  Not too many have but everyone knows the B-Y-R-D Byrds and he eventually hooked up with one of their well known names.  Before that, he formed a band with Stephen Stills which became Buffalo Springfield.  After that Stills got together with ex-Hollie, Graham Nash and the aforementioned Byrd, David Crosby.  Eventually, they convinced their friend to make it a foursome.  When they went their separate ways, today’s featured artist pursued his desire to work alone and on March 18, 1972 one of his solo efforts was the number one song in America.  It was the only time he penetrated the top 40 on his own.  It’s Neil Young, with “Heart of Gold” – today’s 101 number One song of the Day.

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