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101 # 1 Song of the Day – 1-23-14

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 by

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By the summer of 1976 the biggest guessing game in the record business was trying to figure out when today’s featured artist would release his next album.  When it finally happened, it produced today’s 101 number one song of the day.

It had been two years since his previous album and promise dates had come and gone.  He even took to wearing t-shirts that read “we’re almost finished.”  When he finally was, critics said the double album was his finest, most mature work.  And by January 23rd, 1977 its first single was number one in America.  The album itself debuted at number one because the anticipation was so high.  The album was entitled, “Songs in the Key of Life.”  It’s Stevie Wonder and the 101 number one song of the day: “I Wish.”

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