It’s looking like Paul McCartney might be garnering some of the best reviews of the past 30 years with his newly released album, New. Die-hard fans are taking note of how some of the same media outlets that lambasted the former-Beatle for the experimental sound of the now revered 1980 McCartney II album are now tripping over themselves to praise him for doing the same decades later.

One of the highlights on the new album is the track “Alligator,” which reveals that McCartney too can become bogged down with self-doubt. He explained to NPR, “I was talking to someone the other day about this: It seems to me that no matter how famous (you are), no matter how accomplished or how many awards you get, you’re always still thinking there’s somebody out there who’s better than you. I’m often reading a magazine and hearing about someone’s new record and I think, ‘Oh, boy, that’s gonna be better than me.’ It’s a very common thing.”