101 # 1 Song of the Day – 10-9-13

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The 101 number one song of the day comes from a man who was making a comeback – a comeback so big it was even bigger than when he made it big the first time around. 

Success came early to today’s featured artist, first as a writer then as a performer in the early sixties.  But then he entered a dry period of about 11 years when nothing seemed to work for him.  But then in 1975, he suddenly could do nothing wrong.  He was an opening act for the Carpenters that year in Vegas.  But problems arose when he began getting a better reception from both the critics and the audiences that Karen and Richard were.  One night he introduced Dick Clark and Tom Jones who were in the audience to see him.  The next day he was asked to leave the show.  He did, but not before signing a contract with the Riviera to return as a headliner.  Concurrently, he wrote three songs that went to number one.  Two of them he performed himself and the one in the middle was performed by the Captain and Tonille who even mentioned his name on the record “Love Will Keep Us Together”  The third song arrived at number one this week in October, 1975 with Elton John singing backup vocals for Neil Sedaka – “Bad Blood”