Scott McCarthy update

Just wanted to take a minute to let folks know my current status.  I’m coming into work and doing things every day, just not doing an airshift or commercials because of my limited ability to talk on the air.  I’m still fighting some hoarseness and my ability to speak clearly is still not 100%.  Phil Villescas, who’s doing a great job filling in for me during my recovery, has told me that people have been calling and wishing me a speedy recovery along with their best wishes–which I appreciate very, very much.  I’m hoping (along with Phil, who after all has other things to do with his time every day) to be back as good as new very soon and back on the air as soon as I can.  Thank you to everybody who’s had nice things to say and have wished me a hearty “get well soon.”  I’m feeling  better all the time and will be back to pulling my weight just as soon as possible.  Special thanks to Mike McKay, K. C. Counts and Mike Smith (our general manager) for all their help and patience as I go through this process.  See you on the radio soon!

Much love,

Scott McCarthy