101 # 1 song of the day – 8-19-13

Listen for the replay to win!


The 101 number one song of the day was written by a guy who made a living as a backup musician for the likes of Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins but once he developed his own sound it was about as far removed from the styles of those guys as one can imagine. 

His dad directed the band and orchestra for the local high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His fatherly advice was to find a profession outside of music but his son would have none of it.  He formed a band which found work in recording sessions behind several well known singers but when they recorded an album of their own, it went nowhere.  But they kept trying and the second effort provided the formula for success.  That formula was NOT the kind of rock and roll they were used to playing behind others in the industry.  On August 19th, 1970 the number one song in America belonged to David Gates and Bread (Make It With You)