101 # 1 Song of the Day – 8-15-13

Listen for the replay to win two entrees at Texas Roadhouse.

The 101 # 1 Song of the Day was recorded by a group from Tuskegee Institute in Alabama who were once known as the Mighty Mystics but when it came time to decide on a new name they almost came up with a synonym for a toilet bowl. 

They got together in college and soon began developing a big following in the south.  Eventually they came to the attention to Berry Gordy, Jr and were signed by Motown to be the opening act for the Jackson Five while they were on tour.  Before that however, they sought a new name for their band and discussion became so heated it threatened to break them up.  Eventually they realized they were taking the name thing too seriously and as a compromise it was agreed they’d take a dictionary and throw it up in the air and when it landed one of the members was told to put his finger randomly on a word on one of the two open pages before him.  The finger landed one word away from “commode.”  That’s the story they tell anyway.  On August 15th, 1978 they owned the # 1 Song in America and it is today’s 101 # 1 song of the Day for the renamed: Commodores – “Three Times a Lady.”