101 # 1 Song of the Day – 6-24-13

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The 101 number one song of the day was recorded almost by accident by a man named Gary Anderson who got his stage name pretty much the same way.

He was working with called the Church Street five on an instrumental single, “A Night with Daddy G” and by all accounts the session wasn’t going to well.  After everyone had more than enough to drink, they just started to jam and then Gary started working in some lyrics.  Although many rock historians claim the resulting song was recorded by accident, Gary did say that he deliberately turned on the tape recorder and they just let things develop from there.  As for the stage name, he was surprised to see it show up on his first record, “New Orleans” but he was an unknown at the time and the studio was next store to a delicatessen where his producer, Frank Guida, often ate.  The owner of the deli was a strong believer in Uncle Sam and had numerous posters on the wall urging patrons to buy savings bonds.  And that brings us to the song that was number one this week in June 1961 for the newly name Gary “U.S. Bonds”  – A Quarter to three