It was 46 years ago today  the Monkees began recording their third and final Number One hit, “Daydream Believer.” The song, which was recorded during the group’s sessions for Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., was held off the album and released separately as a single.

“Daydream Believer” was written by the late John Stewart, who had written several songs for the Kingston Trio, and at that time was performing with future superstar John Denver. Shortly after the song’s release in November 1967, Stewart became the official musician of the Democratic National Committee, which involved traveling with Senator Robert Kennedy during his brief 1968 Presidential campaign.

  • The late Davy Jones, who sang lead on the track, later admitted to originally hating the song, and suggested that it was better suited to his bandmate Micky Dolenz.
  • Shortly before his death in 2012, Jones said that throughout the group’s career, bandmate Peter Tork always encouraged him musically: [“I’m a great fan of Peter’s, y’know? He told me and instilled in me that I was a musician. I am a musician. I keep a good beat. I’ve got perfect pitch.”] SOUNDCUE (:09 OC: . . . got perfect pitch)
  • “Daydream Believer” hit Number One on December 2nd, 1967, and went on to top the charts for four straight weeks, until it was bumped from Number One by the Beatles‘ “Hello Goodbye.”
  • Davy Jones died of a heart attack on February 29th at age 66.