101 # 1 Song of the Day – 5-31-13

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101 number one song of the day was a surprise hit for everyone involved but mostly for the person who sang it.  In fact, after it was recorded, she never expected to hear it again. 

It was a demo she did for music legend Quincy Jones who, at the time, had yet to achieve that vaunted status.  He was a staff producer for Mercury Records who happened to hear today’s featured artist during her band’s very first paying gig.  He liked what he heard and asked her to come in and lay down a couple of tracks but expectations were not very high.  In fact, she was told that record companies often let these things sit on the shelf indefinitely.  But as it so happened, one of the songs she recorded that day was about to be released by a rival record company and so Mercury rushed her single out to radio stations in NYC.  A mere six days after she sang the song for the first time, she heard it on one of those stations and she almost drove off the road.  It was then offered for wide release and it quickly climbed the charts.  It was number one this week in 1963 and became Quincy Jones first number one song.  And the seventeen year old who recorded it, found herself with many more paying gigs from that time on.  Here’s your 101 number one song of the day for Leslie Gore.  “It’s My Party”