101 # 1 Song of the Day – 5-8-13

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The 101 Number One Song of the Day is about a teacher who returned to the High School he attended as a teenager and the writer who was especially hired for the project found it to be a somewhat difficult challenge.

It was written for a TV series which would launch the career of a man who would become an international superstar.  Since it was originally just a TV theme song it lasted less than 60 seconds.  But it became so popular that a second verse was later added so it could be released as a single.  The tough part about writing the song, however, revolved around the show’s name.  The writer couldn’t find anything to rhyme with it so eventually just omitted the name of the character altogether.  Well, actually, he could think of one word to rhyme with the name but couldn’t think of a way to include the word “otter” into the song.  It became number one on May 8th, 1976 for John Sebastian – the show’s name – “Welcome Back Kotter”