101 # 1 Song of the Day – 4-29-13

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The 101 number song of the day is a song which is tied for the shortest title ever to make it to the top.  What’s more, it featured one of the shortest lead singers to rule the Hot 100. 

It was produced by former schoolteacher Freddie Perren and this particular song sounded just like a lesson in class.  And that’s the way Perren approached all his recording sessions saying, “To produce the way I produce, there is an element of teaching because you have to teach them the song the way you want it sung, so they know it before they begin to express it themselves.” And in this case, the group was made up of five kids who were still in school – including the diminutive lead singer.  It was number one on April 29, 1970 for the Jackson Five (ABC)