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Chicago Sun-Times film critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert has died at the age of 70. It was announced earlier this week that Ebert’s cancer had returned and that he would be taking a break from writing to focus on fighting the illness. However, a family friend of the writer has confirmed to the Sun-Times that he died on Thursday (April 4th) of complications from the cancer.

Roger was known for his thumbs-up or down film reviews. His review show with Gene Siskel called Sneak Preview was nominated for seven Emmys during its time on air. Ebert also wrote more than 15 books and teamed with Russ Meyer to write the sexploitation films Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens.

An excerpt from Roger’s final blog post:
“Thank you. Forty-six years ago on April 3, 1967, I became the film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. Some of you have read my reviews and columns and even written to me since that time. Others were introduced to my film criticism through the television show, my books, the website, the film festival, or the Ebert Club and newsletter. However you came to know me, I’m glad you did and thank you for being the best readers any film critic could ask for.”

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