A Long Creek, South Carolina man and his family who were driving in their truck spotted a box on the side of the road and when they investigated it they found three baby bears. Brandon Poole said, “I thought it was little puppies in that little box, so I got closer to it, I noticed I heard squealing so I thought it was baby pigs. I got closer and picked one up. It was three baby bears.” Poole, a volunteer firefighter, took the cubs to the firehouse and called wildlife authorities. He explained, “I put them in the truck with us and got up here to the firehouse and called the game warden because I couldn’t let them freeze that night. It got real cold. They could have died.” The cubs were split up; two were taken to the Appalachian Bear Rescue in Knoxville, Tennessee and one was taken to Charles Towne Landing in Charleston, South Carolina. Poole said, “It felt good, I’m kind of trained to save lives and help, so it felt real good to me.”