101 # 1 Song of the Day – 3-12-13

Listen for the 101 # 1 Song of the Day Replay and win 2 tickets to the Second Chance Prom – with music by Frankie from the Bronx – Saturday March 23rd from 6-9 at the LC Convention Center.


The 101 number one song of the day was the most successful song ever from a group most observers thought had peaked more than a decade before. 

Between 1962 and 1964 they had loads of hits including four number ones.  But this was 1976 and chart success for them seemed a thing of the past.  Then came a song, written by one of the group’s former members, about the repeal of prohibition –and soon they were back on top once again.  But not before some changes.  They added some new choruses and dropped the reference to 1933 and during this week in March, 1976 the song which fast forwarded thirty years became the number one song in America while becoming the group’s ONLY number one in Great Britain – the Four Seasons and “December 1963 (Oh What a Night)