Howard Stern Replacing Jimmy Fallon?

Hot on the hhoward sterneels of the recent report that NBC is looking to retire Jay
when his Tonight Show contract ends next year and replace him
with current Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, comes a new story that
the network is eyeing longtime radio “shock jock” and current America’s Got
judge Howard Stern to take over for Fallon on the later show
when that happens.The New York Post’s Linda Stasi reported Wednesday (March 6th) that Stern
is being, quote, “groomed” by NBC for the job, citing sources close to him,
although Stasi said someone she described as a “high-placed source” at NBC
denied the rumor. Some factors argue against it, most prominently Stern’s
raunchy reputation, although the time he’s put in on America’s Got Talent
showing he can perform clean could help mitigate that. Then there’s the age
concern: if NBC is looking to move on from Leno because he’s too old, why would
they hire Stern, who at 59 is just three years younger than him, to host Late
, which traditionally has a younger host and skews towards a younger