101 # 1 Song of the Day – 3-4-13

Listen for the 101 # 1 Song of the Day replay between 10 & 7 today to win $20 in certificates from Furr’s Fresh Buffet.


The 101 number one song of the day, originally entitled the “Dying Man” was supposed to a Beach Boys song – but when they took a pass, the man who suggested it scored his biggest hit ever.

He was working with the Beach Boys on a session when he came across a song by French composer Jacques Brel entitled “Le Moribond.”  After recording it, they decided not to release it.  Then the session player – who had previously recorded as a member of the Poppy Family – decided to record it instead after a friend of his suddenly passed away.  It sat on a shelf in his basement for over a year until his paper boy heard it and thought it was great.  That gave him the confidence to release it and on March 4, 1974 it was the number one song in America and went on to sell over 6 million copies worldwide – it’s today’s 101 number one song of the day for Terry Jacks (Seasons in the Sun)