101 # 1 Song of the Day 1-9-13

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The 101 number one song of the day brought today’s featured artist her greatest hit and ultimately, her biggest headache. 



She was a New York City born folksinger who cut her musical teeth as a teenager performing in Greenwich Village coffee shops.  What happened one day is the stuff of legend when she went to a wrong address looking for an audition.  She wound up, quite by accident at the offices of Buddah Records where label president Neil Bogart took an immediate liking to her and signed her on the spot.  He then introduced her to her future producer who would later become her husband.  The song which would be number one on this day in 1972 was written in 15 minutes intended to be an uptempo interlude she could slip into concerts when she got tired of singing about the trials of mankind.  But, in addition to it becoming a number one song, eventually it would be the only song people would want to hear from her and she became so frustrated she quit the music business outright.  At least for a few years and when she did return to recording none of them became hits.  But this one stayed at number one for 3 weeks for Melanie (Brand New Key)