One Week Ago Today

12-21-12  A tragedy of unspeakable proportions.  The nation will observe a moment of silence at 9:30 (EST) or 7:30 our time.  Paul Simon performed “The Sound Of Silence” on Wednesday (December 19th) at the funeral of Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim, Victoria Soto.


The 27-year-old teacher, who has been branded a hero for saving her students’ lives, was honored by Simon, performed without an introduction at Stratford, Connecticut’s Lordship Community Church and sang Soto’s favorite song.

  • Afterwards, Simon’s publicist released a statement explaining the connection between Simon and the Soto family: “Today, Paul Simon, at the request of their family friends, the Sotos, performed ‘(The) Sound Of Silence’ at the funeral for their beloved daughter Vicki Soto. The Sotos and Simons met through Vicki’s mother and Paul’s sister-in-law, both nurses.”