101 # 1 Song of the Day 12-11-12

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The 101 number one song of the day reached the top of the charts twice and the original version – sung by a group calling themselves the Casinyets. That name, by the way, stood for something that most struggling artists would not want you to know. 

It stood for Can’t Sing Yet.  That’s what the four girls from Michigan thought of themselves when they formed the group in High School.  They performed in a local talent show and that led to an audition in front of the head of a fledgling record label in Detroit.  He thought they sang pretty good but he wanted to hear some original material.  One of the members asked a songwriter friend if he had anything that might work for them and he offered the song you’re about to hear.  Actually not, because the group member stayed up all night and totally rewrote the song keeping only the title.  The head of the record company agreed to sign them to a contract and it would lead to his label’s first number one song.  His name is Berry Gordy, Jr. and Motown was on its way.  The song reached the top on December 11, 1961.  And since everyone involved agreed that by this time the girls could sing – and pretty well – they came up with a new name: the Marvelettes.  (Please Mr. Postman)

—That song was also recorded by the Beatles and later on, the Carpenters who also took it to number one.