101 # 1 Song of the Day 12-7-12

A sensitive ballad written by a musician to his wife expressing his feelings of separation is the sole number one single for one of America’s most popular heartland rock bands and it’s today’s 101 Number One Song of the Day.

Today’s featured group began in 1963 as the Tradewinds in Chicago and worked for years building up a following but it wasn’t until the middle 70s that the group began making the charts. By then they had renamed themselves after the river, which according to Greek mythology, dead souls are ferried across to read Hades – the underworld.  The inspiration for the song was the weeks and months on the road touring and how much the band’s lead singer, Dennis DeYoung missed his wife while on tour.  It was number one during this week in December, 1979 and it’s today’s 101 Number One Song of the Day for the band Styx.  It’s “Babe.”