39 years ago today (12-5-73)

…that Paul McCartney & Wings released Band On The Run. The album, which was McCartney’s biggest post-Beatles critical and commercial success, was mired in trouble before it began production.

While Wings was rehearsing the new material in Scotland during the summer of 1973…

…guitarist Henry McCullough quit the band after an argument with McCartney over how a solo should be played. Then — just prior to the band leaving for Lagos, Africa to record the album — drummer Denny Seiwellphoned McCartney saying that he too was quitting.

Seiwell, who began playing with McCartney in late 1970 during the Ram sessions, was actually the first member McCartney lined up for Wings. Seiwell says that the bottom line was that money was so scarce, he couldn’t afford to stay with band.  Wings co-founder Denny Lainesays that he had no idea that the pair had quit until he didn’t see them on the plane to Africa.   Pared down to the trio of Paul and Linda McCartney and Denny Laine, the group recorded in the middle of the rainy monsoon season, while the Lagos EMI Studio was being built. One night Paul and Linda were robbed at knife point, and the thieves who made off with the McCartney’s cameras and cash also stole the demos for the album, which have never been recovered.