Getting hooked in the new world


1492 Christopher Columbus writes about this marvelous crop

(later we’d discover it really wasn’t.)

Thursday, November 15th, the 32oth day of 2012




Today is Record Your Cat Purring Day, so you can play the recording on his birthday after he’s gone.








National Sing in Your Car Day.








1492: In history’s first written reference to a new discovery, Christopher Columbus made notes in his journal about the use by New World Indians of tobacco.






2006 O.J. Simpson causes an uproar with plans for a TV interview and book titled “If I Did It,” in which Simpson describes how he would have committed the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. The project was scrapped after an outcry condemning it as revolting and exploitive.







1969  A female singer was arrested in Tampa, Florida, on charges of using “vulgar and indecent language” at a concert.  It was a woman but she was no lady -The charges eventually were dropped.  It was Janis Joplin.