Dancing atop the wall



Plus, the dirtiest song never written.

Friday, November 9th, the 314th day of 2012.




Today is Paul Is Dead Day. According to Paul Is Dead conspiracy theorists, singer Paul McCartney of the Beatles died on November 9, 1966, from massive head injuries sustained in an auto accident.  He was supposedly replaced by a lookalike.  Except he didn’t die.






1989: Germans danced atop the Berlin Wall as communist East Germany threw open its borders, allowing citizens to travel freely to the West for the first time in 28 years.




1963: the dirtiest song never written entered Billboard’s Hot 100. The song, about a bartender named Louie, actually was squeaky clean, but the lyrics were hard to understand and rumors spread that they were dirty. It was the Kingsmen with “Louie Louie.”