SOS Thursday 11-1



Congrats Angelo on a level 2 win – a new microwave oven!

Today we’ll play at 8:45, 1:45 and 5:45

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Who was President of the Unites States right before Ronald Reagan?


Level 1

This weekend, Old Messilla will be buzzing with locals and tourists alike to celebrate Dia De Los what?

A. Muertos

Level 2

Heather Wilson would like to be the next United States Senator from New Mexico.  To what major political party does she belong?

A. Republican Party

Level 3

Sherman Hemsley, who died recently in El Paso, starred in two different sitcoms as the same character, George Jefferson.  What kind of business did George own?

A. Dry Cleaners

Level 4

A wild giant panda’s diet is almost exclusively one thing.  It is about 99% what?

A. Bamboo

Level 5

This famous actress was born close to 49 years ago in Roswell, NM and has starred in movies such as “Ghost,” “Indecent Proposal” and “Striptease.”  What is her name?

A. Demi Moore