He could not escape death


He’d gotten out of every other ordeal but that

would end on this day in 1926.

Wednesday, October 31st, the 305th day of 2012





Today is Halloween, an out-growth of combining an ancient Druid harvest festival and Christian harvest customs.  It is also Scare a Friend Day.  Today is Sneak Some of the Candy Yourself Before the Kids Start Knocking Day.










1926: Master escape artist and magician Harry Houdini died on this date of gangrene and peritonitis caused by a burst appendix.












Former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald announced from Moscow on October 31, 1959, that he was applying for Soviet citizenship and would never return to the US.









October 31, 1970, this singer from a 60s supergroup married actor Dennis Hopper.  They divorced 8 days later.  It was Michelle Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas.