SOS Tuesday 10-30



Times we’ll play today:

7:45, 1:45 and 6:45

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Prague is the capitol and largest city of what European country?


Level one

At McDonald’s the clown with the big feet and big hair has a first and last name. Needless to say, his las name is McDonald. what  is his first name?



Level two

Before he went on to a solo career the lead singer and driving force behind the Miracles was who?

A. Smokey Robinson

Level three

In a typical baseball game how many players are on the field at any one time while the game is in play?

A. 10

Level four

Prague is the capital and largest city of which European country?

A. Czech Republic


Level 1

How many donuts would you have if you had a Baker’s Dozen?

A. thirteen

In 1950 the little cub that became the National Fire Safety symbol was found trapped in a tree when his home in New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest was destroyed by fire.  What was he named?

A. Smokey the Bear