Bat Masterson…


…most of us know him as the dapper gunslinger from TV. 

Read on to find out other fascinating aspects of his life.

Thursday, October 25th, the 299th day of 2012






National Greasy Foods Day.








1921: Bat Masterson died at age 68. He served two years as City Marshall of Dodge City, Kansas, and two years as a deputy U.S. Marshall, but spent most of his life as a professional gambler and New York City sports writer.










1983:  The US invaded the tiny island nation of Grenada to “protect American citizens” after the overthrow of Maurice Bishop’s government.








October 25, 1964, this band appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and provoked riotous scenes in the audience prompting Sullivan to declare: “I promise you – they’ll never be back.  It took me 17 years to build this show and I’m not going to have it destroyed in a matter of weeks.  Who were they?  The Rolling Stones.