SOS Wednesday 10-24



Play for Craftsman Tools, a Sony Blu-Ray player or an XBox today

Those are just SOME of the great prizes to choose from and today we’ll play at 9:45, 11:45 and 6:45

Click to see a question from one of today’s games!

Canadians Randy Bachman and Fred Turner got together in the 1970’s to form what rock group?


Level One

The World Series of baseball begins tonight pitting the Detroit Tigers against what other team?

A. San Francisco Giants


Level 1

Name the gun toting mascot of the New Mexico State Aggies.

A. Pistol Pete

Level 2

The construction of this famous tower began in the year 1173 and began leaning almost from the beginning.  It is still leaning to this day.  In what Italian city is it?

A. Pisa

Level 3

Now considered a dwarf planet, this heavenly body was discovered by former NMSU professor Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.  What is it called?

A. Pluto