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On this day in 1953, a famous TV host gave one of his performers the axe on the air –

but it was the host who suffered the consequences.




Today is Greasy Spoon Day, a time to remember your favorite place to eat back in the “good old days.” Is it still in business?







Today is Evaluate Your Life Day. Are you really headed where you want to be?








Today is National Mammography Day.







1953: Singer Julius LaRosa, a regular on the CBS television program “Arthur Godfrey Time,” was fired on the air by Godfrey, who accused him of lacking humility.  Many thought that it was Arthur who let his ego get out of whack because, at the time, it was LaRosa who was getting more fan mail.  “Arthur Godfrey Time” was hugely popular but the ratings soon declined in the backlash.






October 19th, 1966 this British group named after the English slang term for hobos arrived in the U. S. for their first American tour.  It didn’t go as well as everybody would have liked.  After only two shows, Jeff Beck quit the band – the Yardbirds.





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